/Which Pet Is For You?

 Which Pet Is For You? 

Pets is one of the most wonderful thing ever on this earth. They are fun, cute, adorable, helping to keep us active and great for our emotional health as well. But before making a new addition to your family, please consider some important aspects before jumping into the world of pet ownership; let’s look at the few adorable pets you can have in your home!



Dogs really do deserve the title of “man best friend”. They are loyal, intelligent, dedicated and affectionate – known for improving our physical and mental health. While choosing which dogs make the best pets, it actually depends on your lifestyle and the environment in which you live. Dogs are good companion, provide security for your home, are fun to be with and also provide health benefits to their owners and the family.



Hamsters are quite low maintenance compared to other pets, but it is important to meet their needs. This can be in the form of a hamster wheel inside the cage, and it is also fun to buy a hamster ball so that your pets can explore outside the cage, yet still be safe. It is important to take great care of your hamster. They are becoming known as home pets that even children at home learn to be responsible for how to handle and take good care of animals. Many people look at hamsters as great pets because they are wonderful, friendly, and fun.



Cats are known to be mysterious and complex animals, but they make great pets. They are not as high maintenance as dogs, but they still require commitment and responsibility to own one. While cats are the beloved pets of millions of happy owners, it takes a special personality to properly care for one. Here are some facts about cats that will help you decide if a cat is for you or not. Cats do not need much space, they don’t demand nearly as much attention as a dog does and they make great companions.



Rabbits are not like dogs, cats, birds and other types of pets. Despite this fact, rabbits are still among the domesticated animals that many people consider part of their family. They may not have the ability to bark when the bad guys get in your place or run after rodents like rats, they are still among ideal pets to look after. They can still offer a number of benefits, such as controlling blood pressure and minimize depression. Rabbits are a small, adorable, and tamed and quiet animal, which means you will not have major problems when looking after them.

Other Considerations

To decide which of the above pet is for you. You need to answer the following questions honestly and you will choose a pet that will be right for you.

1. Who will take care of it? If you buy it for a kid think about whether they will actually take the responsibility for feeding, walking, and cleaning the poops, etc. If you are a mother of few kids, examine which pet will require less attention to enable you take care of a few extra chores.

2. How much exercise and attention does each pet require? Some dog breeds while looking beautiful require a lot of exercises. Also, a hairy cat like a Persian while looking beautiful requires lots of grooming.

3. Will they be alone for long periods of time? Some animals cannot handle long periods of time on their own and will become destructive if left alone. If you are not always at home, perhaps buying two cats means they’ll have each other to play with.

4. How much will it cost? Some larger breed dogs may cost more than $35 per week to feed, so consider whether your budget allows for that! Also factor in the vaccines, set up costs such as council registration, bedding, pet insurance, regular flea control, vet visit etc.