/Popular Dog Breeds In Malaysia

Popular Dog Breeds In Malaysia

Dogs are the best companions in life for many reasons. They can cuddle better than anyone, show unconditional love and deep loyalty to those they loved, and these are just some obvious things that people know are great about dogs. If you are a dog owner, you probably already know how pawsome dogs are!


Having a furry family member can bring many upsides to our lives. Although Malaysia is considerably less dog-friendly than other countries, there are a million reasons for pet lovers and enthusiasts to choose dogs as their best furry companions. Here is the list of popular dog breeds in Malaysia.



This fun-loving, clever, energetic and sociable breed is very popular among Malaysians, especially for those who lived in high-rise property. There are three sizes of Poodle: toy, miniature and standard. It is easy to train due to its keen intelligence, and thus excels in obedience training. If you have a kid or another furry friend in your house, this breed is your best choice as it behaves well with your child and appears to be dog friendly.

Furthermore, the exercise requirement of Poodle is quite less and its grooming maintenance is less expensive. It loves human companionship, loves to play and please people –Poodle is truly a fantastic canine family member!

2.Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu means ‘little lion’ in Mandarin, but there is nothing fierce about this ‘lion’. Following you from room to room, the Shih Tzu is a pint-sized breed with big personalities: happy, lively, outgoing, loyal, sweet-tempered and affectionate. Historically, it was bred to be a companion dog —and that’s just what it wants to be. Thus, don’t ever expect it to guard your house. It just simply wants to be with you and your lap is its most-liked destination!

Similar to Poodle, it is an ideal pooch for most people, including those who lived in the condominium. If you are looking for a furry family member who has the better adaptability to environment, Shih Tzu is a good choice as it can better respond and alter itself to its environment.



A sensible, honest and reliable working dog with a superbly intelligent mind –this is a comment from the author of “Standard Schnauzer”, Barbara M. Dille on the breed’s personality. Known as ‘kinderwatchers’ in Germany, Schnauzer is an intelligent and personable breed. People love this breed, not just because of it has loving and laid-back personalities, but also because of its gorgeous and adorable appearance –Schnauzer has the best breed and brows on the planet!

On the other hand, there are three varieties of the Schnauzer dog breed: miniature, standard and giant. Basically, there are not many differences between all three sizes. All of them are intelligent, self-confidence, friendly, lively, outgoing and trainable companions.



The little smile of Pomeranian may be the sweetest reason to brighten your day! This compact little dog is popular among companion dogs and competitive show dogs. It is athletic and a busy little guy who likes hanging at home or participating in dog sports. It always captures and melts the hearts of dog people with its fox-like expressions and cute-looking. Keep in mind that the Pomeranian has the mind of its own and greets the world with curiosity.

Despite its small size, Pomeranian can bark loudly which makes it a good fit as an excellent watchdog. This breed is also easy to groom even though it has a thick coat that comes in many colours.

5.Siberian Husky


A beautiful creature with a thick coat and a pair of blue or multi-coloured eyes, Siberian Husky is one of the popular large dog breeds among Malaysians. Although the hot weather in Malaysia is not suitable for Husky who required cooling environment and it is also costly to keep the breed as a pet, many people are still crazy in love with Husky. We are pretty sure that the beauty and the wild nature of Husky are not the only reasons for dog people to fall in love, but also due to its temperament.

Husky is a heavy-shedding breed that requires vigorous exercises. It howls and also tends to get destructive when the boredoms set in. Despite these characteristics, the free-spirited breed is usually good-natured with every person and sociable with other dogs. Some people just simply love Husky’s easy going and fun personalities!

6.Golden Retriever


Wanting more than to be your best friend, Golden Retriever is one of the top 5 smartest dogs. It is a classic, fabulous family companion with character traits such as friendly, obedient, intelligent, calm, loyal and trustworthy. The tolerant attitude and gentle temperament of Golden Retriever make him a good watchdog, but not an excellent guard dog as it loves people too much as well as strangers. Due to its keen sense of smell, this breed is frequently used as therapy, assistant and service dog in most countries including Malaysia. It’s not only good at comforting and pleasing people, but also excels in retrieving game for hunters and sniffing out drugs.

Golden Retriever is an excellent choice for most people, including the first-time owner. It loves human companionship so much and it will do anything to simply please its owner -and also for some rewards such as praise and food!



If Rottweiler is trained properly, it can be extremely friendly to its human companions! Affectionately called Rotts or Rotties, this breed is a loving and incredibly loyal family member. It is a very protective dog and also best with an experienced owner. A well-bred and well-socialized Rottweiler is gentle, calm and confident. Due to its natural protective instincts, this breed needs consistent, well-structured training from an early age as well as extensive socialization around family members, other pets and strangers. If not, it will become overprotective and aggressive.

Rottweiler is not the best ideal family companion unless it is well-trained consistently and well-bred. However, it can be your finest companion in the world if you treated your pooch with respect and give it the greatest companions.

8.German Shepherd


Originated in Germany. the German Shepherd is a working dog developed originally for herding sheep. Ranked in the top 3rd of intelligence dogs, German Shepherd is a fiercely intelligent and incredibly loyal dog that can make a perfect family companion as well as used as a working dog. Although its personality is aloof and reserved, the German Shepherd is very easy-going and friendly to its family members. It is one of the best watchdogs and guard dogs due to its nature.

Confident and gentle, this breed needs early socialization just like every dog. It can get along very well with children and other pets if it was taught to do so from puppyhood.