/Popular Cat Breeds In Malaysia
Popular cat breeds in Malaysia.

Popular Cat Breeds In Malaysia

Cats are one of the purrfect animals in the world. There are a million reasons why cat lovers are crazy in love with their companions. Not to mention they are fluffy and the way they cuddle up beside human. Many people love cats because they require low maintenance and easy to keep inside small places. Cats are super adorable when they are meowing to you and their soft paw pads are the purrfect magic spell to make you smile.

Cat obsession makes you happier and healthier! Let’s check out which cat breeds are well-loved by Malaysians.


1.Maine Coon

Dressed glamorously for the winter,  The Gentle Giant has the magnificent fur that catches your eye and heart. Maine Coons are the native American long-haired cat with giant size and big personalities. Even more than for beauty, they are well-known for their intelligence and loving nature. They are sweet and friendly, thus get along well with anybody.

A talented vocal cat too. Maine Coons love to talk with their distinct trilling and chirping sounds – a unique language to express their deepest feelings and show affections toward owners. They are one of the smartest, friendliest and sweetest tame felines.

2.Exotic Shorthair

Sometimes called as “the lazy man’s Persian”. Exotic Shorthairs are loving lap cats with calm, gentle and affectionate personalities. Sweet-natured and flatter face as Persians, Exotic Shorthairs have short and plush coats that are easier to take care – this breed is a better choice for those who love the Persian’s docile personality but find it difficult to take care its long fur coat. The coats of Exotic Shorthairs come in a variety of colours such as white, cream, black and beige.

Extremely affectionate towards their family members, Exotic Shorthairs don’t like to be alone and also take a little time to get comfortable with someone new. They are friendly to other pets including canine and also a loyal follower of their owners. They tend to follow their owners from room to room. The easy going, calm and very adaptable Exotic Shorthairs are purrfect for apartment living and city dwellers.


Persian cats originated in Persia, which is now called as Iran. The elegant Persians have round head, chubby cheeks, snub nose, small and rounded ears, big eyes and flowing coat. They are medium-sized cats and usually weigh between 3.2kg and 5.4kg.

Although Persians are prone to various health issues, their beautiful looks and laid-back, affectionate personalities may overcome those drawbacks. Well-known for sweet and calm personalities, Persians use their big and expressive eyes to communicate with their owners. Their soft and melodious voices melt most people’s hearts. They love to cuddle and spend their time on your lap. This glamour puss of the cat world is your perfect companion if you admire sweet-tempered, serene-natured cat.


A ruler of your house and heart. Described as a “brick wrapped in silk”, the compact but heavy Burmese cats originated in Burma. Their coats are close-lying and short with silky textures. Therefore, they are light-shedding and are easy to groom with weekly brushing.

Wanting to be with their people as much as they can, Burmese cats crave companionship and follow people from room to room. They are not best suited for a home where they will be left alone for long periods. Energetic and affectionate, they want to be involved with anything their owners do – from reading newspaper to watching television. They are a kind of lap cat that loves attention a lot. They are playful and curious too.

5.American Shorthair

American Shorthairs were first working cat breed that used for rats hunting. Although they are more likely to a family companion, they have retained their keen hunting instincts. Medium to large in size, American Shorthairs have easy-care coats that come in more than 80 colours and patterns. They are adaptable family companions who can live up to 20 years.

Don’t expect them to cry for attention like other cats do. American Shorthairs are easy going and tolerant felines that can be left alone while their people are off at work. They are moderately active and get along well with children and other pets in the house. Their sociable natures will definitely meow the hearts of your guests!

6.British Shorthair

You have probably seen a British Shorthair in a book or movie – for example, the grinning Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland and the clever feline in Puss in Boots. Often used as characters in fairy tales and movies, the famous British Shorthairs are the most ancient breed of British domestic cats.  Glamour and confident, they wear luxurious, plush coats that make people want to roll around in it.

Full of British reserve, British Shorthairs are affectionate towards someone they get to know only. They love to stay by your side, but do not require your lap. They are excellent family companions due to their intelligence, loyalty and easy going personalities.


Ragdoll’s name comes from its floppy and relaxed, good nature. Ragdolls are laid-back, gentle cat breed with captivating blue eyes and distinct colourpoint coats. Their silky, plush semi long coats require minimal grooming to keep the coats in good condition. Ragdolls are well-behaved and easy to care, thus well-loved by people.

Ragdolls are intelligent, they can learn tricks and pick up good behaviours easily with positive reinforcement. In addition, they love their people a lot. They tend to follow people around the house and greet people at the door. They tend to be floor cats, not jumpers. They can play with you gently without extending their claws – Ragdolls are a kind of nice-manner cat that makes you adore them so much.


Without the size and danger of a wild cat, Bengal cats are large-boned, short-haired cats with exotic looks and spotted or marbled coat of many colours. Their pawsome coats come in many background colours such as golden, brown, orange and rush while their spots also vary in colours, including black and brown. Wearing dark mascaras and silky soft coats, the royal looking Bengal cats steal your heart with their intelligence and delightful personalities.

If you are looking a for a gentle, sweet lap cat, Bengal cats are not your best choice – they are curious and highly active. They tend to be jumpers, not floor sitting cats. Due to their nature, Bengal cats enjoy bird-watching, playing games, climbing to high places and playing in the water. They are happy, entertaining and affectionate companions for cat lovers.

9.Norwegian Forest

Gentle and friendly, the Skogkatt is a large, semi long-haired cat with charming personalities that match its stunning look. The Skogkatt commonly called as Norwegian Forest Cat, this breed is nature breed originated in Norway. Norwegian Forest cats have water resistant coats with dense undercoats that help them cope with harsh weathers.

Sometimes called as Fairy Cat, Norwegian Forest cats are featured in mythology and folk tales for centuries. They are well-known for their kind and gentle expressions as well as people-orientated personalities. They are lap cats, but they will decide when to get on or off that lap. They are fine when left alone for short periods. They are one of the purrfect family companions as they are calm and gentle felines that well-known for being tolerant toward children and other pets.

10. Scottish Fold

Well-known for the floppy ears, Scottish Fold cat is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant-gene mutation that influences cartilage throughout the body. Scottish Fold kittens are born with normal ears and their ears usually begin to bend forward at about three to four weeks of age. Their floppy ears are their standout features, however, this kind of genetic condition will cause them to have painful and short lives.

Scottish Fold cats are calm, sweet and friendly that love being around their people. The mellow, affectionate cats can adapt easily to different new environments and interact well with dogs. Like a loyal puppy, Scottish Fold cats are a kind of follow-you-everywhere loving companion – you will never get lonely if you have a Scottish Fold.