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Popular dog breeds in Singapore

Popular Dog Breeds In Singapore

Dog lovers and their best furry companions can be spotted easily in almost every corner of the Singapore. Despite its small size, Singapore is a big dog heaven where doggies can dip their paws in the cooling surf and catch the sunset with human companions, dine in pet-friendly restaurants, hang out with other furkids in cafes and run like an Olympian in the park – there are too many things to do together with dogs in this furradise!

Have you ever wondered which dog breed is Singapore’s most favourite? Let’s check out the list of popular dog breeds in this dog-friendly country.

1.Shih Tzu


Shining stars in the ring or at home. The “lion dogs” – Shih Tzus melt your heart with their gorgeous faces and exceptional personalities. They were bred to be a friendly companion. They are lively, trusting, playful, outgoing and charming.  Due to its nature, this breed needs a large amount of personal attention – they are lap dogs.

Intelligent and love to learn, Shih Tzus can respond well to training and perform excellently in obedience competitions. They don’t need a lot of exercises to stay happy, however, regular grooming is necessary. Also, they are highly adaptable and do well in every environment. The sweet-natured temperament and big personalities are reasons why Singaporeans love Shih Tzu so much.



Pom Pom, the absolutely adorable little puffball is the sweetest eye candy to human! Pomeranians love to be the centre of attention and are always interested in everything that is going around them. Their eyes sparkle with curiosity and intelligence.  Although they love to run around inside the house, they are also an in-your-lap kind of canine.

Pomeranians are good for apartment living and they need daily short walks or indoor games. The compact, active toy breed is a good little watchdog and loyal family companion too.

3.Golden Retriever


Perhaps the most gentle dog in the world. Looking into their eyes, you can hear the calm winds and feel the genial sunshine – Golden Retrievers are wonderfully sweet and gentle angels on the earth. They are incredibly loyal, friendly, calm, loving and people-pleasing companions. Trainable and intelligent, they excel in hunting, search-and-rescue works and whatever they do. And that’s why they are often used as service dogs and therapy dogs.

Despite their giant sizes, the well-mannered Golden Retrievers are extremely gentle to kids and even love to play with their little companions.

4.Labrador Retriever


It’s not surprising that Labrador Retrievers are popular dog breeds in Singapore. They are super friendly dogs and best family companions – awesome pawsome as Golden Retrievers.

More than happy to help, Labrador Retrievers are selfless and kind. Thus, they are well-known as service dogs and also trustworthy police dogs – they have strong noses for security! They are easy to train and well suited for new owners because of their natural obedience and patience.



Come in three size varieties, the beautiful and clever Poodles were bred originally to carry out utilitarian jobs. Their curly coats appear in a variety of solid colours, including white, black, apricot and black. They need regular grooming to keep their coats tangle-free and in good condition.

The affectionate family dogs, Poodles are playful, happy, energetic and loyal. They are protective of their families and may take a while to warm up with a new person. Keep in mind that they may suffer from loneliness if left by themselves for a long period – they love to stay close with their beloved human companions.

6.Jack Russell Terrier


Welcome aboard! The little Captain Jack is going to fill up your life with adventures and laughter. Well-known as fearless, energetic and athletic small terrier, Jack Russell Terriers are incredibly brave and extremely loyal watchdogs if they are trained properly. They were originally bred to hunt foxes – it is not surprising that they amazingly athletic and bursting with energy. Although Jack Russell Terriers are hard to train and manage, there are many qualities that make them as an ideal family dog if you have the time and patience to devote to them.



An elegant toy dog with silky white hair and loveable personality. The Maltese dogs are gentle, playful, lively and sweet furry friends. They are feisty and bold, often taking on larger dogs. Tender-hearted and charming, there are endless reasons the glamour Maltese dogs are one of the most loveable canine companions in the world. They may use their expressive eyes to cast a magic spell on you – something to brighten up your day!

Housetrain is a bit difficult for this little breed, however, it is highly trainable with positive reinforcements such as praise and food reward.

8.Miniature Schnauzer 


Intelligent, fearless, obedient, friendly and spirited. Miniature Schnauzers are well loved for their charismatic personalities. Originally bred to be medium-sized farm dogs in Germany, they are hardworking, tough dogs and also excellent family companions. The natural instincts that make them as good farm dogs also mean they show a keen interest in pocket animals such as birds – chasing anything smaller than themselves is a dog sport for Miniature Schnauzers!

Don’t forget about their bushy beards and eyebrows that make them distinguishable from other dogs – and also their gorgeous, deep eyes that charm you!


The wrinkly face, that round and big eyes – how adorably chubby is the Pug! Nothing makes them happier than being part of the family, Pugs are true family dogs as they get along well with children and other pets. They live for fun and have alert natures that make them a good fit as watchdogs.

Pugs should ideally weigh no more than 9 kg. Otherwise, a range of health issues will be created. They must live in indoor as they are sensitive to extreme temperatures and heat-intolerance.



Tiny in size, large in personality. The sassy Chihuahuas come in different colours including brown, black, white, cream and others. They can be either long coat or short coat. They love to be pampered – they crave human attention and love. They are fast learners and quite intelligent. Therefore, they respond well to positive reinforcement in training and excels in dog shows and competitions.

However, Chihuahuas are far too fragile and small for even the gentlest of children’s games. They are excellent companions for those families who have older children. They also need early socialization and training to control their nippings as well as the tendency to fight with other dogs – Chihuahuas always forget they are too small to stand up to a larger and aggressive dog.