/PerroNavi: Happenstance Cafe

PerroNavi: Happenstance Cafe

In the midst of an unexplored street of Opal Cresent is Happenstance Cafe.  This cafe provides a warming welcome for you and your pet! So that you could feel at home whilst letting your pet bond with the others or even start bonding yourselves. It is also open to pet lovers who desire a scrumptious meal at Happenstance while having the company of other dogs wagging and strutting along the tables and playground.


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Happenstance provides a customized menu for your furkids. Neither salt nor seasoning to be added in their meal. Head over to throw a party for your dogs! Cake, food, gifts, and goodies to be set.

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Full detailed menu is here

Happenstance presents a wide range of delicacy from western to hong kong dim sum. The cravings you have will be satisfied right with the amount of variety they provide! In need of something savoury and sweet instead? Waffles Treats are here for you. There are lunch set meals provided at a lower cost. Head down to indulge yourself with the variety!

Not only is the meal provided for you, but your pets too! Go ahead and customize a pasta accordingly to your pets liking and watch them chow away.

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Sunday to Friday 12 PM to 9 PM

Saturday 11 AM to 9 PM

Address: 35 Opal Crescent Singapore

Tel: 6341 7871

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HappenstanceCafe/