/Pet Food Review: PureLUXE Elite Nutrition

Dog Food Review: PureLUXE Elite Nutrition

The lifestyle choices we make everyday affect our health, and so do pets. In the developed world, urban living provides a better standard of living in terms of education, facilities and job opportunities. However, there are two sides to a coin – urban life can make people susceptible to problems such as obesity. Like humans, pets can be affected by the lifestyles of their humans – such as if we are too busy to walk our dogs on a consistent basis, it may contribute to a physically inactive lifestyle, and thus contribute to obesity in our dogs.

Changing lifestyle isn’t easy, and it’s understandable. Nonetheless, we can choose a healthy food that fits perfectly with the lifestyles of our city pets. Feed your best friend the best grub – perhaps PureLUXE Elite Nutrition is the solution you have been looking for.

Why City Dogs Need Elite Nutrition

Before purchasing a dog food, you may ask yourself these questions: Does your city dog pee only when you walked them after work? Does your dog get most of their exercise by walking or running on pavement or concrete? Does your dog generally live in air-conditioned room? Does your dog tend to get lesser exercise than other dogs? If you answered ‘yes’ to any questions above, then PureLUXE is the best choice for your city-dwelling pet.

Don’t underestimate the power of any tiny habit in life – it impacts the entire future of humans as well as animals. If your pet pees only when you take it for a walk, then it must have waited indoors for extended periods of time and this could be lead to bladder or urinary infections. Also, walking or running on pavement or concrete can add a lot of stress to your dog’s joints, ligaments and connective issues. For those who lived in air-conditioned room, they must experience constant mucous membrane irritation and breathing difficulties – thus more vulnerable to contract colds, viruses and other illnesses. And for dogs who exercise less, they will be at a higher risk to get obese which can be prone to diabetes.

It seems like there are a lot of health issues suffered by city pets, but no worries. Specially designed to meet the physical needs of city dogs, PureLUXE Elite Nutrition contains dried cranberry which offers an anti-adhesion mechanism that prevents the kinds of bacteria that cause bladder or urinary conditions to flare up. To protect your pet’s joints and reduces inflammation, it contains naturally occurring Glucosamine, Chondroitin and turmeric as a super anti-oxidant while the effective, beneficial prebiotics and probiotics help to maintain the strong immune system of your pet. Not to mention it contains no grains, tapioca or potatoes, PureLUXE uses quality low glycemic ingredients for your less active city pet, prolonging its lifespan.


Why City Cats Need Elite Nutrition

Urban-dwelling cats encounter some health problems, just like dogs. Obesity is a common issue among city cats as they tend to get lesser exercise than outdoor cats. Plus, they are more prone to the bladder or urinary infections as they generally do not like to drink water. Not only affected the pets, but also the owners – sharing the same room with a cat litter box can be an ordeal sometimes.

It’s important to feed your furry pal the right food for its lifestyle as well as age and breed. To acknowledge this PureLUXE has formulated meals to help fecal odor to the minimal – it contains natural plant-based ingredient, Yucca Schidigera. Ideal for less active city cats, PureLUXE is made with quality low glycemic ingredients. It’s free of grains, tapioca or potatoes too. In addition to taking care of cats, its formula contains dried cranberry which offers an anti-adhesion mechanism that prevents the kinds of bacteria that cause bladder or urinary conditions to flare up.


The Best for City Pets

No Chinese-sourced ingredients, no fillers, no sugars, no by-products and no chemicals. Made with natural ingredients, PureLUXE is formulated to provide the best in performance nutrition for your pet.

Sourced directly from America’s heartland, PureLUXE Elite Nutrition gives your privileged pet a superior level of nutrition designed to provide sustainable energy, immune support, healthy skin and a beautiful coat. The natural, gourmet pet food includes a special blend of micro-nutrients specifically formulated for both the energizer bunnies and the couch loungers. Grain-free and holistic, PureLUXE has been crafted to deliver premium nutrition for city pets.

Crafted specially for pets residing in city areas, pup-chase this quality pet food at PerroMart here now!