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PerroNavi: Happy Dog Care Centre

Located in Bukit Timah, the centre of all is Happy Dog Care Centre. Singapore’s first themed pet care/ playground for your furkids. Feeling the guilt to leave them all alone while you’re out travelling or working? Happy Dog Care Centre has it all taken care of you.

Equipped with human-grade all-day camera surveillance and well-trained staff, rest assured that Happy Dog Care Centre will provide your dogs with an astounding level of care and attention. You can likewise keep an eye on him whenever with DogView webcams as he embarks with his newly discovered companions! With a rainforest-themed playground, you will be able to get a good look of your pups snoozing in the treehouse, sliding down the slides, or even stowing away in tree trunk ‘burrows’.


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With a luxurious touch of service, the full words of spa that incorporate a scented soak and an oil massage specially made for dogs are available.
Basic & full grooming are provided for your pets that are dependant on how much to spoil them.


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If you happen to be away, Happy Dog Care Centre would have you considering on their Hotel services which is an entire cage-free pet-sitting for your dog to experience. Before anything else, they will be sure to note down all your instructions regarding your pup and be the best replacement to your pet as much as they can be. A personal cubicle that is of the comfort of size will be provided where they can snooze off in the night, and also a playground that would be shared with the others to mingle around.

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Images from http://happydogcare.sg/Gallery.htm



Images from http://happydogcare.sg/Gallery.htm

Monday to Friday 7:30 AM to 7 PM

Saturday, Sunday, PH 9 AM to 6 PM

Address: 793 Bukit Timah Road (S) 269765

Tel: +65 64665242

Email: happydogcare.sg@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/happydogcare.sg