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PerroNavi: Petopia

Located around Seletar is a centre for holistic pet wellness, Petopia. An all-in-one devoted pet service that provides from first-grade dietary and healthy products, grooming adornments and styling services to customised spa treatments, expert consultation, playtime, daycare, hotel services & benefits and even advances & enrichment workshops for you and your pet!


Petopia offers unique services that your dog would appreciate. The Bespoke Spa Treatments provides a suite of all-encompassing and regular, nature spa treatments to assuage and treat a scope of conditions, from delicate, odoriferous, slick, flaky to inflamed skin and coat.


Fine Styling provides quality styling for your pets by professional and skilful stylists from Japan and Tokyo! Petopia embraces an open concept and uses state of the art, holistic, and of course, safe & hygienic equipments to produce such quality service on your pets.


Hotel & Daycare at Petopia provides a webcam monitor, so you can look out for your pets after being separated for a period of time whenever you want! Petopia’s pet guardians will be assisting and taking good care of your pets during meal time and play time. These pet guardians are specially trained that has demonstrated years of experience in handling animal companions.


Petopia’s Healing therapies are one that is being provided by our typical Chinese physicians. From massage, moxibustion to Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing, our suite of option recuperating medicines help to unwind, alleviate, rehabilitate and treat your pups.




Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 8 PM

Address: 26 Jalan Kelulut

Tel: +65 6886 9056 (11am-7pm) / +65 81174996 (24/7)

Email: reservations@petopia.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/petopianworld

Site: http://www.petopia.sg/