/Signs Your Cat Loves You

Signs Your Cat Loves You

We always want to believe that our cats love us as much as we love them, but how can we know for sure that they do not just tolerate our presence? Cats are often unfairly thought to be aloof or cold in comparison to dogs. Dogs are more visibly loving, while cats are usually more discrete in terms of showing their affection.

How To Tell If Your Cat Loves You


1.Tail twitching

You can know a lot by looking at a cat’s tail. Just as their tails puff out when they get scared or agitated, their tail will twitch at the very tip when they are feeling bliss. If you notice this action when your cat approaches you, then you can be sure that they think you rock their world.

2.Licking hair or ears

It is not often that humans are deemed worthy of these very special grooming sessions, but if your cat has chosen to bestow you with hair or ear licking, rest assured you have been welcomed into the inner circle. Grooming is one of the most obvious signs of the friendship and trust you have with your furry companion.

3.The cat kiss

It is said that cats kiss with their eyes, so don’t expect to share this sign of affection with any old cat. Cats save eye contact for people they know and trust. If that eye contact is coupled with slow blinking, then you have just received a kitty kiss. Return the love by mimicking the behaviour.


Soft as a sigh or loud as a lawn mower, the purr is a cat’s coolest trick. The rhythmic hum beneath her fur is famously known as a sign of kitty contentment. The purr is one of a kitten’s first sensations, a vibration and pleasing sound that says life is good. Some cats will also purr when they are nervous! However, if you are unsure about which emotion your cat is displaying, tune in to her other signals to tell you how she is feeling.

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