/Tips to Prevent Your House From Smelling Like A Dog

Tips to Prevent Your House Smelling Like Dog

 As we all know that there are plenty of wonderful benefits to having a dog companion – but an unpleasant odour isn’t one of them! If you have noticed an unmistakable smell of dog, or if friends have started to avoid breathing through their nose at your house, it might be time to take some quick action. Fortunately, fighting a dog odour isn’t difficult.


1. Clean Your Dog’s Bed

The first tip is the simplest of all – wash your dog’s bed at least twice a week. The fabric retains odours, so your house will never smell fresh if you don’t wash it often. If your dog bed has a removable cover, machine-wash the cover and use a pet vacuum on the cushion. For stubborn odours, or beds without a cover, you may want to leave baking soda on the cushion overnight.

2. Stop Dirty Paws At the Door

Stop muddy paws at the door. Place cleanable door mats both outside and inside of every door. They really help cut the dirt down. Be sure to get a washable mat!

3. Get Your Dog Regularly Groomed

Having your dog bathed and groomed isn’t going to get rid of a pet smell forever – but it can help reduce it. A thorough bath removes dead skin cells and gets rid of bacteria, so your dog is more hygienic and less smelly!

4. Get an Air Purifier

An air purifier with a carbon filter can reduce odours. Buying one doesn’t mean you can ignore the other tips on this list, but a purifier is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make your home smell fresher.

5. Buy an Odour-Resistant Dog Bed

Your dog probably spends a lot of time on a bed, so it can be one of the smelliest items in the house. While washing can help, a better alternative might be to buy a bed with anti-microbial properties. These prevent bacteria from breeding which can reduce odours.

6. Deodorize Carpets and Beds with Natural Products

One of the cheapest ways to deodorize your carpets or beds is with baking soda. Simply sprinkle it over fabric or carpet and allow it to work its magic overnight. In the morning, vacuum it up and enjoy your fresh-smelling carpets. This isn’t as effective as a professional carpet clean, but does a great job considering how little it costs.