/List Of Pet Cremation Services In Malaysia

List Of Pet Cremation Services In Malaysia

Time spent with a tail-wagging canine or a purring feline is never wasted. There’s nothing like the special bond we share with our furry companions. For many of us, pets are like a part of the family, living under same roof with us and bringing so much happiness to us. Giving us unconditional love, pets make our lives sweeter, better and happier – there’s nothing better than having the best furry companion by your side.


Every story has an end. Most of pet owners never want to think about the loss of pets. Sadly we can’t avoid pet loss, no matter how well we care for our pets. When our beloved pet passed on, the pain may be unbearable. We share an intense love and bond with our pets, so understandably we will feel devastated by feelings of sadness. Like the ocean, grief comes in waves – but we still have to say goodbye when the good things come to an end. Time to let them go. Bury pets in the backyard or gardens are one of the common ways to say farewell to our four-legged loved ones. However, high-rise residents may have problems with pet burial. And this is why many pet lovers are turning to pet cremation.

Proper pet cremation may help in processing the grief of pet loss. Here is the list of pet cremation services in Malaysia.

1. Pets in Peace Malaysia, Semenyih, Selangor

Founded in 2010, Pets in Peace Malaysia offers the premier affordable pet bereavement services to pet owners. A dignified and respectful farewell for your pet. The dedicated team provides cremation services in a dignified manner for your beloved furry pal and also strives to decrease the possible pollution to the environment.

Not only pet cremation, they will arrange pet funeral, seaburial program and Buddhist chanting for pets. It is undoubtedly a kind of “Satu Malaysia” friendly service as they can customize the funeral according to customer’s religion. Price depends on the package or the type of cremation and memorial service you choose.

Address: Jalan Sungai Lalang, Semenyih 43500, Selangor

Contact: 016-2128405

Email: wonghawen@gmail.com

Facebook: Pets in Peace Malaysia

2. Pet Memorial Services Malaysia, Puchong, Selangor

Dedicated to serving you and your beloved pets in a time of need! Located at Puchong, Pet Memorial Services Malaysia offer basic package and deluxe packages to pawrents. Price range starts from RM 450, the basic package consists of pet cremation, white urn, 4R aluminium frame, ribbon flower and pet memorial keychain. For deluxe package, it comes in 3 choices and it costs you RM 880 – RM 1630. Deluxe package includes woonden casket, fresh flower, cremation, white urn, 3D paw print aluminium 4R frame, ribbon flower and pet memorial keychain. Pawrents are allowed to upgrade the brass urn too.

Plus, they provides mass cremation service (no remains). Keep in mind that the cost is based on the amount and weight of pet carcass. Price range starts from RM 160 to RM 550, up to 40kg.

Address: Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama, 56, Jalan Utama 2/22, Puchong, 47150 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact: 017-3333448

Email: jameskho2052@gmail.com

Website: Pet Memorial Services Malaysia

Facebook: Pet Memorial Services Malaysia

3. IPOH PET Funeral Service, Ipoh, Perak

Founded in 2014, the Ipoh Pet Funeral Service team focus and professional in pet funeral service. Their pet bereavement services include door to door service, make up, shower clean up, cremation, collect ash, urn or cinerary box etc – just like human, there are many options to honor your pet and you can create a special memorial service for him or her. For instance, pawrents can choose the pawfect pet urn based on their preferences as Ipoh Pet Funeral Service offers a wide range of choices for their customers.

Address: No.346, Lorong 5, Kg Simee Ipoh, Perak 31400

Contact: 016-2882223

Facebook: IPOH PET Funeral Service, Ipoh

4. Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial, Tanjung Rambutan, Perak

Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge and one day we will finally meet again. Inspired by the concept of ‘Rainbow Bridge’, Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial got its name from the beautiful animal afterlife story. It is the first pet cemetery in Perak developed by pioneers with 20 years’ experience in revolutionizing the bereavement care services industry.

A government-approved and fully licensed internationally acclaimed memorial park. Pet owners are allowed to personalize the pet columbaria. Plus, the name of pet, year of birth, year of passing and a ceramic photo will be included at no-additional cost. They provides free pre-planning service for pet owners too – they will determine your needs and expectations to come up with the best package for your precious furry pal.

Address: PT256279, Jalan Tanjung-Rambutan Chemor, Tanjung Rambutan, Perak, Malaysia 31250

Contact: 05-2533288

Email: contact@hallmark-memorial.com

Website: Hallmark Memorial

Facebook: Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial

5. Ipoh Cj PET Crematorium, Ipoh, Perak

Pet lovers in Ipoh will no longer have to worry about what to do with their furry companions which are on their last leg. CJ Pet Memorial Crematorium provides the columbarium and it’s currently opened for pet owners to keep their pet’s ashes. They can decorate the urn compartment with their pet’s favorite items and photos. What’s more important is that CJ Pet Memorial Crematorium’s private pet cremation service ensures your pet can be cremated individually.

Contact: 011-20308323

Facebook: Ipoh Cj PET Crematorium

6. Funerals Malaysia, Penang & Kuala Lumpur

Located at Semenyih, Funerals Malaysia strives to provide the same respect and dignity for each beloved pet. Aside from pet burial, they have the best setting for pet cremation too. Their funeral package includes transportation, service team, securing the release of pet remains, pet care bag, pet casket for pet burial, pet cremation service, pet urn, flower arrangements inside the pet casket and disinfection of pet remains. The packages come in 2 options: standard package and premium package. Price range starts from RM 450.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to bury the pet urn, place it a pet columbarium, brought home, scatter the ashes or incorporate the ashes into jewellery for keepsake. For pet columbarium, there are 2 package choices, including standard and premium. Standard package costs you at least RM 1000 while the price range of premium package starts from RM 2000. It’s a one-stop destination for quality bereavement care for both humans and pets!

Contact: 017-6895388

Email: info@funeralsmalaysia.com

Website: Funerals Malaysia

Facebook: Funerals Malaysia

7. Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden, Semenyih, Selangor

Treat pets as we would our own – with dignity and respect. Nirvana Group pride themselves in providing exclusively designed and caring service for pet onwers and their decreased pets. Offering a one-stop facility for your beloved pet, the beautiful Nirvana Pet Memorial Park is complimented by verdant ambience and sublime serenity for our beloved companions to rest in peace. The service package includes disinfection of pet remains, securing release of pet remains, body care’s bag, pet cremation casket, pet urn and flower decoration. Price range starts from RM 699 and pick up transport is charged at additional cost – minimum RM 100.



Email: info@nvasia.com.my

Website: Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden

Facebook: Nirvana Memorial

8. My pet Memorial, Johor Bahru

Situated at Johor Bahru, My pet Memorial is proud to provide on-site pet cremation services for pet lovers. They also offer keepsakes and memorial products as the team truly understand the pain of pet loss and what’s pet owners need – a way to remember their beloved pets forever. You can keep your beloved pet’s memories alive by turning his or her ashes into a unique, paw print stone.

Address:41, Jalan Makmur 9, Taman Damai Jaya, Johor Bahru

Contact: 016-9000734

Facebook: My pet Memorial

9. Globalpets, Johor

Aside from grooming service and pet boarding service etc, Globalpets provides pet cremation service too. It is one of the options for pet lovers in Johor.

The pet cremation cost may depend on the size or the weight of your pet.


Website: Globalpets

Facebook: Globalpets

10. Nirvana Memorial Park Kuching, Kuching, Sarawak

Looking for a nice final resting place in Kuching for your beloved pet? Perhaps Nirvana Memorial Park is your best choice. Providing pet owners a hassle free solution, Nirvana offers pet burial and pet cremation service that allows them to witness the dignity of the last journey of their beloved furry pals with sweet memories. Not only cat and dog, other pets are welcomed to stay in this memorial park as their final resting places.

Pet cremation service package starts from RM 380.

Address: Jalan Bau-kuching Siniawan, Sarawak, Malaysia 94000

Contact: 013-8186223

Email: info@nvasia.com.my

Website: Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden

Facebook: Nirvana Memorial Park Kuching

11. SSPCA, Sarawak

Both mass and private cremation services are offered. Mass cremation service costs between RM 50 and RM 150, depending on the weight of the pet carcass. SSPCA also offers private cremation service for cats and dogs – with a fee of RM 450. In private cremation, your pet will be the only one in the cremation chamber. Your pet’s ashes can be collected within 3 days. Note that there is no ceremony service to be held at SSPCA’s shelter and owners are required to provide urns for their pets.

For cremation services, kindly send the carcass to SSPCA’s shelter at the gate near Payueeh.

Website: Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Facebook: Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

12. Fook Lu Siew, Sabah


Fook Lu Siew’s columbarium is the final resting place for your beloved pet. Specializing in funeral services, Fook Lu Siew offers both cremation and columbarium services for cats and dogs.

Pet cremation service package starts from RM 300. Costs depend on the type of cremation service pet owners choose and the weight of the pet.

Contact: 088 263 399/088 262299/011-16006128/016-8332998

Email: info@fooklusiew.com

Website: Fook Lu Siew

13. My Pet Funeral, Penang

The first Penang-based pet cremation service provider! My Pet Funeral offers private cremation service and helps pet lovers in Malaysia to carry out burials at sea. Most importantly, a peaceful pet memorial park is available for your cherished pet as his final resting place. The dedicated team strives to provide compassionate, caring and professional funeral services at the time of sorrow and loss.

Contact: 012-4252217

Website: My Pet Funeral

Facebook: My Pet Funeral