/How To Spend Your Holiday In KL With Pets

How To Spend Your Holiday In KL With Pets

A perfect holiday is one that all family members can enjoy together, including the furry one – your pet deserves a break as much as you do. Yes, don’t leave your pet behind! As pet owners, we always want the best for our pets and spend our time with them as much as we can. If your pet usually spends most of his time home alone, it’s time for you to devote your holiday and energy to him. Your pet is crazy about you, why not give him some love in return?

There are many ways to enjoy the holiday with your pet and the most common, easy one is staying at home. Other than spending time at home, you can take your pet out for a day and enjoy fun activities. Here at PerroPet, we list out some ideas for how to spend your holiday with pets.


Plan A: Enjoy Holiday at Home

Escape from busy traffic and make staying at home feel like vacation! Lying in bed with your pet as long as you want – there is no “I have to” and “I should” during your day off. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast with your pet and cook something special for him. You can try Perro Recipes as home-prepared foods are nutrient-rich and healthy. What’s most important is that those recipes will make your pet feel loved and appreciated!

Spend the afternoon doing whatever you like. You can watch a movie with your pooch, do a mini-marathon of that show you have been wanting to watch or bake pet treats in the kitchen. What about an at-home spa day? Treat your pooch to a DIY home spa and take this opportunity as a bonding session! Pamper him and have a spa-talk with him – sharing the struggles and triumphs will bring both of you closer together.

Take him out for an evening walk. Feel the soft warm rays of sunshine and walk your pooch around the neighbourhood – it’s the perfect time to relax and you may fall in love again with your neighbourhood.

Or else, grab a ball and turn your backyard into a dog playground. Oh, you live in an apartment? No worries, you still can keep your pooch entertained and exercised when indoors. Here are some indoor games to play with your furry pal.

Plan B: Picnic + Café Hopping + Swimming

Don’t want to stay at home? Here’s the plan B for you – celebrate the holiday with a lazy morning picnic. Check out the list of pet friendly parks in Malaysia and choose one from the list to have an enjoyable, pawfect pet picnic. So, what to pick up for a lovely picnic with your pet? Frozen apple treats or banana pancakes? I mean, you need tasty food in your pic-a-nic basket! Make sure there are plenty of pet friendly treats or you can prepare a full meal for your four-legged friend. Remember to pack plenty of water and a water bowl too. It’s very important to keep your pooch hydrated. Don’t forget to bring napkins, trash bags and a picnic table or a blanket – be prepared for a messy, wild picnic party and keep your picnic trash free!

A picnic is fun, but it’s not pawfect without games! After the picnic, you can explore the park with your pooch or play fun games – don’t forget to bring his favourite toys and balls.

Image from shyap_c

After a long day spending your time at the pet park, let’s chill at the pet-friendly café in Kuala Lumpur! If you don’t want to waste time in the traffic jam, you may choose the cafe nearby the park. For instance, you can visit a pet-friendly cafe such as Amelio’s after having a picnic in Desa ParkCity.

Then, take your pooch to enjoy a relaxing evening swim. Here is the list of places where your dog can enjoy a swim!

Plan C: Hiking + Café Hopping/Bar

Kick off your holiday with a hike at Bukit Gasing. Take the whole family away, including those that are four-legged. Remember to keep your pet on a leash as to take care of his safety and also show respect to other hikers. And give him a small serving about an hour before hiking for extra energy, according to Backpacker. Don’t forget to bring enough water for your pooch too.

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Feeling hungry and need a break after hiking? Head on over to these pet-friendly cafes for a pawsome time! Your pet loves cafe hopping too – he can dine in with you, mingle with other furry pals and enjoy the ambience as much as you do. You can spend the entire day cafe hopping – visit more than one cafe and you may find the city is surprising you again!

When the sun was gone and the moon was shining bright, it’s the time to cheer for the night. Order a glass of Long Island Iced Tea and celebrate the night by visiting pet-friendly bars & restaurants or pubs such as The Meatology, Tom, Dick & Harry’s and The Pound Bar. No more pets leave behind when you are craving at night to drink!