/Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Dog

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Dog

The “trick-or-treating” festival is coming and it’s time to put your furkid into the spotlight – let your pet join in on the dress-up fun! Pet owners love to spread the Halloween fun by dressing up their furry companions as skeleton, zombie, pumpkin and ghost. If the costume is both creative and comfortable for your furry friend, he can enjoys the Halloween as much as you do.

Doll your pet up in these funny and adorable costume ideas, from pumpkin to princess. Here are some oh-so-cute and funny costumes that will make your furry pal the toast of the town.

Four-legged Pumpkin

Oh magic, magic, turn the pumpkin into an elegant coach! Oops, the Fair Godmother’s spell doesn’t work – but the pumpkin transformed into a furry four-legged one. Hopefully, Cinderella can attend the ball and meet the Prince.

Can this pumpkin dog take Cinderella to the ball?

Turn Your Pet Into Anime Character

Release the inner Goku or Pikachu of your pet! Why not turn your pet into your favourite anime character? You can put on your favourite cosplay costume and slay the Halloween party with your beloved pet!

Meet the Earth’s mightiest hero – Goku aka Dragon Furball!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All! You can team up with Pikachu.

Pumpkinlicious! Pikachu looks pawfect with his new partner – pumpkin.

Make The Fairytale Comes Alive

Princesses, princes, fairies and mermaids. Make your dream comes true by transforming your furkid into a fairytale character.

Snow White, where’s the seven dwafts?

Just a girl and her wolf ⠀ ⠀ #stanza #stanzapet #compassion #cloud #petlove #pettribe #pethalloween

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S.O.S, there’s a wolf in disguise.

Hey little red riding hood, that’s not your grandmother!

The Walking Food

Inspire laughter and smiles while trick-or-treating with these adorable pet costumes. Add an extra slice of excitement to the Halloween by transforming your pet into something delicious! They are good enough to eat and a feast for the eyes, too.

When Chihuahua and Tiny Taco collides.

A true Hot Dog!

Yo Quiero Seafood. I think I look adorable…what do you think? #PoshPetCostumes #Chihuahua #PetHalloween #PetCostumes

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How much would this Dogster cost?

Silly But Still Pawsome

Why fit in when you can stand out? Halloween is the best time to let your pet’s alter ego shines. Let’s make your furry pal become the life of the party by dressing him in silly, fearsome but awesome pawsome Halloween outfit!

Brighten the Halloween with your little ray of sunshine.

A serious doctor with his patient.

Meet the adorable Yoda!

The banana is too cute to eat.

Put On My Wig, I’m A Diva

Wig isn’t for human only. Turn your pet into a diva by putting on a wig!

Okay so you get a costume and a big ol’ bucket for treats and then what? #PetHalloween #PoshPetCostumes

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Which famous character do I look like?