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PerroNavi: Awesome Pawsome

Taking your pet to the groomer can be a hassle sometimes. Not to mention the driving time and the problem to clean up the fur on your car seats, it will be more difficult if you pet is prone to motion sickness and separation anxiety. Here is a solution that addresses these inconveniences.

No more wasting time in the traffic and no long hours waiting for your pet to be groomed. Specializing in professional & premium mobile house-call pets grooming services island wide in Singapore, Awesome Pawsome is a mobile grooming service that comes to your doorstep and professionally grooms your furry companion. Founded by Ian in 2012, Awesome Pawsome strives to provide a stress free grooming experience for you and your pet. He stays on the cutting edge of grooming trends, technology and products by constantly upgrading himself.

Their gentle mobile pet groomers provide expert care for dogs and cats.



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Away from hazards and stress-inducing factors, the grooming session is conducted right in your house as a premium and personalized services for your pet in its own familiar and comfortable environment. No strangers and waiting in the cage. The prices of basic and full grooming packages depend on the size of your pet, ranging from $ 70 to $ 140. Basic grooming package includes nail clipping & filing, removing of ear hair, ear cleaning, shaving of belly, underpaw & sanitary areas, expressing of anal gland, bath & blow and brush out, while full grooming package consists of basic grooming and full coat styling.

Awesome Pawsome caters to a wide array of customers and offers personalized one-on-one service in your home. Your pet will benefit from being groomed by the same person each time.

They have expanded their professional services to feline customers too, price ranges from $ 90 to $ 130. Basic grooming package consists of nail clipping & nail filing, ears & eyes cleaning, shaving of belly, underpaw & sanitary areas, bath & blow dry and comb out, while full grooming package includes basic grooming with choice of de shedding, comb cut, lion cut or shave down.





Images from Awesome Pawsome


Business Hours: Always Open

Location: Your house

Contact: 6591171087

Email: ian.wong1@yahoo.com.sg

Website: Awesome Pawsome

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