/Signs You Love Your Dog More than Anything Else

Signs You Love Your Dog More than Anything Else

Words often cannot justify the cuteness of your pet, they arethere for you when nobody else is! They are impossibly loyal, and they understand much more than it seems. There is a reason why they say dogs are human’s best friend. As we all know that our partner is theoretically supposed to be the most important person in our life, but that is not always true. You might not believe that but you could possibly love your dog or cat or any other pet more than your other half! When we first get our pets, we never dream that they would have as much hold over us as they end up doing…. so don’t feel bad if you have fallen under the pet spell as this is very usual and is supposed to be.

1. You pamper your pet more than yourself

Browsing through items at the online pet stores can be just as fun as shopping for your favourite clothing, food or gadget. There is always something for your lovely pet in the pet store. Anything that goes into your cart either fascinates you in some way or benefits your pet somehow!

While visiting the pet shops, you constantly think about what suits your pet’s personality and his affection for any particular product, and at the end you end up staring at your filled shopping cart!

2. You spend more money on them

If you are spending more cash on your dog than your partner, it could be a sign that you love them a tad more. Pet clothes cost a fortune, and the amount you spend on equipping your pet with a new vest for every season can seriously add up. Then there are all the other bills you don’t even realize come with a pet, like vet and vaccination fees, registration, insurance, plus the amount it costs to cater to their every need!

 3. You have trouble leaving them

You really get super excited about coming home from work every day and seeing your beloved pet once again… and you hate leaving them, too. Whether you are going to work, stepping out to a social event, or saying the dreaded goodbyes before you leave on vacation, the hardest thing is always giving your beloved animal that final hug! Just the thought of it makes you want to cry! The look in their eyes as they watch you walk away is akin to emotional sabotage, and the way they tip their head to the side as they try to work out where you could possibly be going is too much for you.

4. You always want to immortalize them

It is only natural that you want to take as many photos as you can of those you love. And if we arebeing honest, you want to do that so you can stare at them even when they are not there and re-analyz,  the parts of their face that you missed. Your camera roll on your phone is stocked up full of photos of them from all different angles. You have got selfies, pictures of them sleeping, and even videos of them doing the weird stuff you never want to forget.

5. You need them to fall asleep

If you love your pet more than anyone else in the world, you already know that you are super happy to sleep with your furry friend near your bed or even on your bed… even if you get kind of annoyed when your boyfriend takes up too much space in bed or, worse, steals the covers. You actually feel like something is totally and completely missing if your pet tries to sleep anywhere else.