/List Of Pet Taxi And Pet Transport Services In Malaysia

List Of Pet Taxi And Pet Transport Services In Malaysia

Does your schedule make it hard for you to drop off or pick up your pet from his or her appointment? We hear you. It’s understandable that pet owners are busy and may not be able to get their pets in for their important vet appointments or grooming appointments. Pets are part of the family and as pet owners, we want the best for them – and this is why we will keep finding solutions and ways to improve their lives and keep them happy!

If you don’t have time or transport to take your pet to the vet or other places, don’t worry about it. In Malaysia, there are some pet taxi or pet transport services which meet the needs of pet lovers. Here at PerroPet, we have listed 7 pet taxi and pet transport services in West and East Malaysia.

1.Happy Tails Pet Taxi Jb, Johor

Happy Tails Pet Taxi Jb conveniently and safely transports your dog or cat to and from veterinarian and grooming appointments. Comfortable and spacious, your pet will be travelling in their fully air-conditioned vehicle! Price starts from RM 50, depending on factors such as distance, location and time of travel. If your drop-off destination is just a short distance from the pick-up location or you are an animal rescuer, they will charge you a minimum trip fee only.

They also offer professional services for transporting your pet from state to state, to the airport for arrivals and departures. Depending on the number of dogs and their sizes, it will cost you around RM 500 to RM 700. Areas covered for relocation services include: Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Perak. For other possible destinations or more details, feel free to contact the founder, Kishore at 017-7639447.

Contact: 017-7639447

Facebook: Happy Tails Pet Taxi Jb

2.Pet Taxi JB, Johor/Peninsular Malaysia

Let Pet Taxi JB lends you a hand with their affordable and convenient door-to-door service! Based in Johor Bahru, Pet Taxi JB offers professional transport services that will ensure your pet is transported safely to and from his or her important appointment. Offering services to all pet lovers from Peninsular Malaysia, they transport all pets to any required destination with a scheduled appointment. Their spacious Toyota Hilux which is caged and fully insured will transfer your pet safely to a destination. Fares vary depending on the breed, the number of pets and distance travelled. Minimum charge of RM 40 is applied for about 10km (one- way trip). If the travelled distance is more than 20km, one-way fare is RM 70 ,while two-way trip costs you RM 200.

Their pet relocation service is a plus point. They offer you expert help and advice regarding relocating your pet to Singapore. For more details, please contact Charles at 011-36770873.

Contact: 011-36770873

Facebook: Pet Taxi JB

3.Pet’s Pet Taxi & SSK Pet Agency, Nationwide

Are you looking for a reliable, safe pet transport service because you are relocating, moving house or emigrating? Pet’s Pet Taxi & SSK Pet Agency is your best solution! Providing the best service for your and your furry friend, they offer local pet transport within Klang Valley, Kuantan, Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru and more. Price range starts from RM 50 to RM 2500, depending on factors such as location.

Plus, they offer pet relocation service from your current door step to your new door step, too. Depending on the destination and other factors, price range starts from RM 900 to RM 19000.

Contact: 018-8707220

Facebook: Pet’s Pet Taxi & SSK Pet Agency

4.Pet Nanny Malaysia, Selangor/Peninsular Malaysia

Searching for a caring and trusted pet-friendly service provider? From pet sitting service to pet taxi, Pet Nanny Malaysia strives to provide the best service to pet lovers and their furkids. They will handle your beloved pet with the utmost care so that your pet can travel as comfortable as possible. They use Honda Freed to transport your pet – chairs are removed so it’s more spacious and comfortable for both owners and their pets. Areas covered include: Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang and Johor. Keep in mind that owners are required to complete reservation request at least one week in advance if they are travelling to destinations outside Kuala Lumpur.

For one way trip, it costs pet owners RM 60, while the return trip fare is RM 100. Please note that 50km and further will be charged based on RM2.50 per km. The first half an hour of additional waiting time will be charged at RM 15.

Contact: 017-2544489

Website: Pet Nanny Malaysia

Facebook: Pet Nanny Malaysia

5.Pet Taxi Malaysia – Judah Transport, Selangor/Peninsular Malaysia

Pet Taxi Malaysia – Judah Transport offers pet taxi services to all dogs and cats – it’s a great option for pet owners who do not have time or suitable transport to fetch their furkids to the vets or groomers! Keep in mind that they do not accept pets with health concerns such as rabies. This is to maintain the hygiene of the vehicle and protect other future paw-sengers.

Areas covered include: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and other states. One-way fare starts from RM 70 and quote will be given upon request. They are appointment based company, however, emergency case can be accepted if their schedule is empty. They do not charge extra for emergency service – a great plus point! Pawrents are advised to make reservations at least two days in advance. Pet relocation services from Malaysia to other countries are available too.

Contact: 011-15798936

Facebook: Pet taxi malaysia – judah transport

6.BRAYN Pet Taxi, Sabah

No time or suitable transport to bring your pet to the vet or the groomer? Brayn Pet Taxi is here to save the day. They offer professional pet transport services to all kind of pets, minimum charges starting from RM 30. Charges vary depending on the type of pets and distance travelled. They use a SUV, four-wheel drive vehicle which suit the road conditions in Sabah. It’s an animal-friendly vehicle where pets can sit alongside their owners!

Comfortable and fuss-free, pawrents can book their services for any purposes. For vet visits, 1-hour waiting time at the vet will be included in the charges. Additional waiting time will be charged at RM 15 per hour. What’s more important is that they offer service to NGOs such as IAPWA, SPACA KK and other independent animal rescuers. For more details, feel free to contact Brandon at 019-8886803.

Contact: 019-8886803

Facebook: BRAYN Pet Taxi

7.Kimly Pet Studio, Sarawak

Aside from professional pet grooming and pet photography services, Kimly Pet Studio offers pet transport services to pet lovers in Sarawak. They can pick up and deliver your pet from your doorstep to their studio for grooming. For more details, please contact them at 012-8838022.

Contact: 012-8838022

Facebook: Kimly Pet Studio

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