/Cat Paw Care Tips You Need To Know

Cat Paw Care Tips You Need To Know

Our pets are always moving around not only in the safe environment of our homes, but also the harsh outdoors. Unlike humans, pets do not wear shoes and therefore have no way of protecting their paws from any sharp objects or shards which may damage their paws.

Though our cats keep themselves clean by grooming themselves regularly, they are not always spic and span and therefore as prone to infections and parasitic attacks. Unlike dogs, cats are extremely elusive by nature and may more often be found outside the premises of the house than inside. If your cat is roaming around in dirt, it will also be eventually bringing in the germs. Therefore, it is important to keep the cat’s feet as clean as possible.


Check Regularly

One of the best cat paw care tips is to check the paws regularly. Cuts or wounds on the paws of short-haired cat are very visible. However, the same is not true for long-haired cats. Cat health care is not complete until you take good care of your cat’s paws. If there are any unusual odours coming out of your cat’s paws, it may be an indication of an infection. Get the paws checked.

If your cat is licking its paws more than usual, check for any injuries or infections. This may be an indication that all is not well with your cat’s paws.

Trim Regularly

There is a fundamental difference between the care of cat paws and dog paws. Cat paw care involves sharpening the claws on a regular basis. Most of the cats can do this by themselves. Their nails get sharpened by climbing trees and posts or by clawing at objects. If you are lucky enough to have a cat which grooms itself well and is very active physically, you may also not have to worry about trimming the claws. The claws should only be trimmed using a claw cutter. Such instruments are available in the pet shops.

Long-haired cats require a little more attention as their furs tend to grow between the loose area of their paws. If the hair grows long, you may have to regularly trim it because it can get annoying to the cat. If the fur is ignored for some time, there is also a possibility that the fur may begin to act as can impediment while moving.

Trimming Cat Claws Step By Step


The first thing you need to do is to get your cat used to having her paws squeezed by you. Don’t go any faster than your cat will let you. It will just make your cat uncomfortable with this whole procedure. Give your cat a treat so she will become a little more comfortable.

Step By Step Instructions

Make sure you have a pair of sharp clippers and a nice bright light; this will help you a lot. Now you do have choices on which clippers you want to use, but some people just prefer specially made cat clippers.

Step 1

Find a nice comfortable place to sit. Make sure it is comfortable for you and your feline friend. Some people choose to sit but you can also get on your knees behind the cat. Make sure you have a treat as a reward in plain view of your cat.

Step 2

Secure your cat from behind and put her gently between your knees. Take the front paw in your left hand but if you are left-handed, do the opposite. Before starting the nail clipping process, make sure your cat is in a comfortable position and you are relaxed too.

Step 3

With your thumb on top of her paw, and two or more fingers underneath. Slowly and gently squeeze on the pad area to extend the claws.

Step 4

Once the claws are extended, you want to pay close attention to it or you will end up with a bloody mess. Examine the claw closely and you will see a pink area in the centre of the nail called the “quick” – this is a blood vessel, and it will bleed if you nick it.

Step 5

Holding the clippers in your other hand and make sure there is no chance that the clippers will catch any of the pad. Then, snip off the tip of the claw, being careful not to cut into the quick.


Step 6

Give your cat a treat and some kind of words for being such a good cat. The more relaxed you and your cat both are, the easier the nail clipping process. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until you have finished the first paw.

Step 7

Continue until the nails on both front feet have been clipped if your cat is comfortable. Make sure you clip all the claws, you will be surprised how many people miss a claw. If your cat just will not let you acts up, don’t worry about it; you can just cut a claw a day!