/How To Let My Neighbours Accept My Dog Better?

How To Let My Neighbours Accept My Dog Better?

If you are a dog lover like us, you definitely love your pooch with all your heart just like he does. But let’s face it – not everyone loves dogs and your neighbour is probably not a fan of “tail-wagging”. Oh, are you going to change the mind of your neighbour? No, we are never going to change the minds of some people as they may dislike dogs for no obvious reason. However, we still can take some positive efforts to let them accept our dogs better – they might be swayed if they can see that dogs can actually be wonderful creatures!


Respect others, be respected. It’s simple. First and foremost, we can act like responsible dog owners and respecting others. Both dog owners and dogs should have good manners – don’t underestimate the importance of good manner. Better good manners than good looks! If we choose to become irresponsible owners, then we are only giving dogs and their owners a bad name. Here are some tidbits of information on how to let your neighbours to accept your dog better.

Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop


Need some reasons to pick up your dog’s poop? Hmm…The only reason is simple. No one wants to step in or smell that “gift” your dog left behind, including yourself – even though you love your dog so much. We all know that it’s rude and disgusting to not clean up after our dogs, but some people still don’t do it. Just pick up your dog’s poop! Respect your neighbours and help keep your community clean. Bring poop bags wherever you go with your furry companion and your neighbours will appreciate your good manners!

Train Your Dog


Excessive barking is a problem. It’s a noise pollution for your neighbours. They do not need to hear your canine friend barking on and on. Remember not to leave a barking dog outdoors as continuous barking is rude and annoying to neighbours. It’s important to teach your dog when barking is appropriate.

Make sure your dog knows how to behave well on walks and around all kinds of people. Your neighbours are probably annoyed by a dog that is licking, pawing, jumping up or otherwise invading their personal space – as we stated earlier, not everyone is a big fan of dogs, especially the kind of “out-of-control” dogs. Therefore, teach your dog how to behave well around other people, including your neighbours. Believe it or not, your dog will be welcome anywhere if he is well-socialized, gentle and calm. Perhaps your neighbours will be impressed with your canine friend’s impeccable good manners!

Walking On A Leash


Keep your dog on a leash whenever you go on a walk and supervise him at all times. Do not let him wander the neighborhood or get out of your sight. So, your neighbours don’t have to worry about your dog chasing their cats, trampling their plants and generally terrorizing them. Although your dog wags his friendly tail, some people are still going to get scared if your dog is running around without supervised and on-leash.

Never Go To “No Dogs Allowed” Places


Respect others if you want to be respected. Never go to non-dog friendly parks in or nearby your neighbourhood.

Take Responsibility For Your Dog’s Mistakes


Accidents happen. If your dog is involved in an unfortunate incident such as biting your neighbour, be honest and accept the fair share of responsibility. If your dog bites someone, apologize and offer assistance. You may contact a medical professional for the bite victim and pay for his medical’s bill. Do your best to prevent incidents and also be prepared to step up if something does happen.