/Penang: Where To Adopt A Pet Near Me

Penang: Where To Adopt A Pet Near Me

Many people dream of owning a dog and probably make their dreams come true by walking into a pet shop and purchasing an adorable puppy. But is this the only way to make your dream of owning a pet comes true? No, you can adopt a furry friend from local animal shelters! Owning a pet is a big, lifetime commitment and getting your dream dog or cat from a pet shop can be pretty expensive. Why not adopt a pet instead of buying? You can spend less and save a life!

Here at PerroPet, we have listed the animal shelters or animal rescue groups where you can find your dream cat or dog. Adopt a pet instead of buying! They are presented in alphabetical order.

1.Aifaa’s Shelter Home Sweet Home

A home sweet home for strays. Founded in 2004, Aifaa’s Shelter Home Sweet Home specializes in the rescue of cats. The founder, Nor Aifaa Syazny who is known among Penang animal rescuers as Coco Chan, has rescued and kept more than 400 stray cats in her house.

Contact: 018-5768357

Email: aifaafurry@gmail.com

Facebook: Aifaa’s Shelter Home Sweet Home

2.Cat Beach Penang

A sanctuary for cats rescued from desperate situations, Cat Beach Sanctuary is a programme of the registered “Cat Lovers International Society Penang. Located on the beach in Teluk Bahang, Penang island, Cat Beach Sanctuary’s mission is to give a home to cats rescued from desperate situations who need loving care. Founded by Teviot Fairservis, there are about 150 cats in this sanctuary.

Contact: 017-5753419/04-8811015

Email: catbeachsanctuary@gmail.com

Website: Cat Beach Penang

Facebook: Cat Beach

3.Meowy Cat Shelter Penang

Providng a loving home for the handicapped, injured and helpless cats and kittens, Meowy Cat Shelter Penang is situated in Balil Pulau. Founded by Pauline Lim, the objective of the shelter is to give the helpless cats and kittens a second chance in life.

Contact: 016-4229091

Email: meowy135@yahoo.com.my

Facebook: Meowy Cat Shelter Penang

4.SPCA Penang

Established in 1948 (formerly known as RSPCA), SPCA is the oldest animal welfare organization in the country. Their main objectives are to prevent the unnecessary suffering of animals and to ensure responsible pet ownership. They believe that respect for life begins with concern for animals and the environment.

Contact: 04-2816559

Email: info@spca-penang.net

Website: SPCA Penang

Facebook: SPCA Penang

5.Penang Animal Welfare Society (4PAWS)

Founded by animal lover and advocate, Barbara Janssen, Penang Animal Welfare Society (4PAWS) is a registered,non-profit organisation. There are currently over 600 dogs in their care at Teluk Bahang. The scoiety has a no kill policy and offers continued care for animals whose age or disability may make them less likely to be adopted.

Email: 4paws.penang@gmail.com

Website: Penang Animal Welfare Society (4PAWS)

Facebook: Penang Animal Welfare Society

6.Penang Hope Of Strays

Penang Hope of Strays is a team of rescuers for strays located at Simpang Ampat, Penang. They are dedicated to the rescue, placement and care of animals in need. They provide a safe shelter for stray dogs until they can find a forever home.

Facebook: Penang Hope Of Strays

7.Penang Local Dogs Adoption Team

Founded by a group of independent rescuers, Penang Local Dogs Adoption Team strives to save and rehome as many stray animals as possible.

Facebook: Penang Local Dogs Adoption Team

8.Penang Stray Rescue Shelter – PGSR Shelter

Founded in 2015, Penang Stray Rescue (PGSR) Shelter is an officially registered animal shelter under Registrar of Society, Malaysia. They are a group of passionate animal rescuers who aim to rescue and rehome stray animals. They provide a safe shelter for those furry kids that are not lucky enough to find a permanent family home.

Facebook: Penang Stray Rescue Shelter – PGSR Shelter


Did we miss any animal shelters? Share with us and send us an email to cherrey@perropet.com