/Halloween Throwback 2017: 18 Best Pet Halloween Costumes

Halloween Throwback 2017: 18 Best Pet Halloween Costumes

The month of November just started, do you miss October? We all know October means Halloween and it’s many people’s favourite festival! Can’t get enough of Halloween – the candies, the chocolates, the parties – and the hilarious Howl-O-Ween costumes? We hear you. The best part of Halloween is pretending to be something and releasing your inner spooky child! And of course, it’s not only for humans, pets can enjoy Halloween as much as we do. Halloween can be a lot of fun and it’s even more fun when we dress up our pets in Halloween costumes – there’s nothing cuter than our adorable four-legged friends dressed in oh-so-cute or spooky-adorable costumes!

Check out our pick for this year’s best pet Halloween costumes! They are presented in alphabetical order (username).

Spooky Cute

Credit: babychai2010

Spooky and incredibly cute – it’s hard to make your pet scary and we can’t stop looking at this adorable little furry friend!


Credit: bellebeedog

No Halloween celebration would be complete without Jack O’Lantern! Check out this pumpkin- it’s good enough to eat and a feast for the eyes, too.

Valak, I Do Know Your Name

Credit: chloecaraemelcorgi

Oh, I didn’t know Valak is more cute than scary. Is there a fan club for this more-cute-than-scary demon? Count me in, please!

Go Witchy

Credit: faye_americancocker_diary

The witch isn’t scary! I will befriend this super adorable witch.

Slay With Cuteness

Credit: Gill Wong


Cuteness and glamour – they can coexist!

Put On Your Pumpkin’s Cloak

Credit: _imconniecooper_

This adorable dog looks pawfectly in this oh-so-cute costume – definitely pumpkinlicious!

Ahoy Matey

Credit: jamieleecm

Pawlo little sailor, where are you sailing off to today? Take me home!

Bunch Of Cuteness

Credit: Karen Low

Watch out for their cutenesses! They will make you go ‘awwwww’!


Credit: kenji_san.schnauzie

Supawhero comes to your rescue!


Credit: Kiyoko Wng Xlln

Meet the pawsome awesome Vampire family!

Red Riding Meow

Credit: Marcus Lim

Little riding meow, are you going to visit your nanny?

Tigger The Dog

Credit: mr.bobo_schnauzer

I’m ready for Halloween party #halloween #PerroMartHalloween #mrbobo #bobotheschnauzer

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Tigger, where’s your bestie – Winnie the Pooh?


Credit: peggy.lim.7739

Terrifying adorable! We can’t get enough of this creative costume!

Grant Me Three Wishes

Credit: pepper2go

All you need if Faith, Trust & a little Pixie Dust ✨#halloween2017 #PerroMartHalloween

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I do believe in fairies.

Seriously Cute Mummy

Credit: pepper2go

Oh, we love this mummylicious costume so much! Slay Howl-O-Ween as Pepper!

Greek Goddess

Credit: poppy2go

Gorgeous, elegant and classy. Poppy surprised us with her Greek Goddess costume!


Credit: poppy2go

Confident, simple and inspiring – the simple reasons why we fall in love with Poppy!

Pawfectly Adorable

Credit: Tan Lian See

We cant’t resist the cuteness!