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Pet Insurance In Malaysia

Pet insurance helps you afford quality veterinary care so you can give your beloved pet the best care, regardless of cost. It helps pay unexpected veterinary bills – your pet gets care and you get reimbursed. By insuring your pet’s health, pet insurance can provide you a piece of mind, knowing that no matter what may happen, you will be afford the health care.

Investing in pet insurance is a personal decision that should be based on your financial situation. No one can answer if buying pet insurance is a necessity for you or not as there are many factors to be considered, including breed and age of your pet, lifestyle of your pet (indoor or outdoor) and your pet’s past health experience. However, if you think you would find yourself in a position where your pet care cost would be impossible for you to come up with in an emergency, then you should consider investing in pet insurance.

Pet insurance is a real thing you can get in Malaysia – MSIG Malaysia recently introduced pet insurance and this good news excites most of us! Although pet insurance is common in other countries, it is a relatively new offering in Malaysia. Here at PerroPet, we would like to highlight few things you should know about pet insurance.

At a glance:


Plan And Coverage

Image source: MSIG Malaysia

MSIG offers a wide coverage in their plans for a reasonable price. Like most pet insurance companies, MSIG will cover the following: veterinary fee, surgical fee and death from injury or illness and third party liability. Burial or cremation costs, costs for recovery of missing pet and boarding fees for pet are also covered – they are great plus points!

No one likes surprises when making a pet insurance claim. Thus, you should check out the pet insurance exclusions and its policy wording.

Like human health insurance, most of pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions, including MSIG pet insurance. Typically, a pre-existing condition is defined as any illness or injury that your pet had before you purchased the policy. However, each insurance company’s definition of a pre-existing condition may vary, so it’s very important to read a sample policy or ask a company representative prior to purchasing an insurance policy. According to MSIG’s Policy Wording, pre-existing condition is any condition, sign or symptom occurring or existing in any form, or complication directly resulting from or relating to that condition prior to the period of insurance.

Apart from this, there are other exclusions, including routine and preventative treatments, war and related risks, an event that occurred outside Malaysia and others.





Image source: MSIG Pet Insurance


Is your pet eligible for pet insurance? This is another thing to look out for when buying pet insurance. According to MSIG’s Policy Wording, there are few eligibility requirements:

1.Your pet must be a cat or a dog


3.Duly licensed

4.Not under banned or restricted breeds by the Government or Public or Local Authority (Check here)

5.Aged between 12 weeks to 9 years

6.Not be a working pet (Working pet is defined as “any pet involved in activities other than companionship or helping but not limited to racing, breeding, law enforcement, guarding or other commercial use)

7.Be free from injury or physical disability at the commencement date of this policy

At the same time, the policy holder must be 18 years or older and be the owner of the pet. Keep in mind that pet insurance for older dogs and cats is harder to find. This is because an older pet is more likely to require treatment, according to Money Advice Service. And this is why most of pet insurance companies have age restrictions when you enroll in a plan.

Have your cat or dog microchipped too. The cost to have a microchip implanted by a veterinarian is around RM 45 – RM 70. You can visit the nearest vet and get your pet microchipped. Most of the vets have the licence to microchip your pet.