/Peninsular Malaysia: Where To Get Lion Cut Service For Your Cat

Peninsular Malaysia: Where To Get Lion Cut Service For Your Cat

Thinking of shaving your feline friend and giving her a lion cut? A lion cat is a famous technique for cat grooming – a short shave for your cat with definite lines. The body is shaved close leaving the ruff and head full, while the legs are shaved to a certain point and the tail may be left full or with a pom-pom.

Lion cuts can be done on both long-haired and short-haired cats. Cat shaved like a lion is not a fashion thing, it sometimes is a necessity for cats who have bad fur or coat problems. Lion cuts are done for many reasons, including to cool the cat and cut down on shedding and hairballs. It’s important to adapt to the styles that suit the weather conditions, especially for those long-haired cats such as Persian and Main Coon. Giving your long-haired cat a lion cut to help deal with some of the problems long fur can bring.

However, cat haircuts could result into some problems. Your cat may develop anxiety if she lose any patch of hair on her bodies. In such case, you should give your cat more attention and love. Make sure she do not lick the hairless area excessively, Keep in mind that your cat will take some time to adjust with the new haircut.

Here’s the list of places where you can get lion cut service for your cat in Malaysia. They are presented in alphabetical order.


Catzonia Malaysia, Selangor

Situated at Shah Alam, Catzonia Malaysia is a place where your cats will feel at home. Apart from boarding and mating services, they offer professional grooming services too, including lion cut. They will shave the whole body of your cat except head area and paws area. Keep in mind that cats which are healthy and have no strong reasons will not be entertained.

Price: RM 95 (2 hours)

Business Hours: 10:00AM – 7:00PM (Monday – Sunday)

Location: G08 Block 2 , Laman Seri Business Park, Section 13 40100, Shah Alam

Contact: 019-7729606/013-2229606

Email: catzonia.shahalam@gmail.com

Website: Catzonia Malaysia

Facebook: Catzonia Malaysia

Instagram: Catzonia Malaysia

Petsarecute Pusat Dandanan & Hotel Kucing Melaka, Malacca

Specializing in cat grooming and styling, Petsarecute Pusat Dandanan & Hotel Kucing Melaka is a developing cat hotel and grooming centre rendering their services for cat lovers all over Melaka and Malaysia. They offer cat grooming service, hotel service, pet supplies and daily care product .

Business Hours: 11:00AM – 9:00PM (Monday – Sunday)

Location: No.23, Jalan Inang 4, Taman Paya Rumput Utama 75460 Melaka

Contact: 06-3362000

Website: Petsarecute

Facebook: Petsarecute Pusat Dandanan & Hotel Kucing Melaka

Petzilla Cat1Shop, Penang

Founded in 2011, Petzilla Cat1Shop provides a wide range of services, including cat hotel service and cat grooming service. Their grooming package consists of nail nlipping, ear cleaning, dematting, blow drying, lion cut (shaving) and medicated bath.

Price: RM 50 -RM 70

Business Hours:

10:00AM – 8:00PM (Monday – Saturday, Closed on Thursday)

10:00AM – 6:00PM (Sunday)

Location: 40 Jalan Tun Dr Awang Wisma Malvest Bukit Jambul, Bayan Lepas

Contact: 012-312 4155

Email: petzillapng@gmail.com

Facebook: Petzilla Cat1Shop

Snow’s Cat Grooming & Boarding, Kuala Lumpur

Located in Wangsa Maju, Snow’s Cat Grooming & Boarding are home-based cat enthusiasts and they have an accumulative experience of 17 years in cat-caring and grooming. Providing a wide range of professional services, they promise to always deliver the best for your pet.

Price: RM 150

Business Hours: 8:00AM – 9:00PM (Monday – Sunday)

Location: 43, Jalan 8/27D, Seksyen 6, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 53300

Contact: 016-391 9175

Facebook: Snow’s Cat Grooming & Boarding


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