/Should I Buy Pet food From Specialist Pet Store or Supermarket?

Should I Buy Pet food from Supermarket or Specialist Pet Store?

When it comes to feeding our pets, we always want the best for them. This is shown by feeding them suitable pet food that provides them with the right nutrients from the right ingredients. However, there are so many places you can easily get your pet food from, including supermarkets! Does that mean you should purchase your pet’s food from where you get your own food from too? Let’s find out more!


Lack of Detailed Information

In specialist pet stores like Perromart, most of the products are provided with a detailed description of their ingredients, guaranteed analysis including nutrition, additional information and feeding guide for your pets. These information are available in any super market store. Another major difference is the lack of knowledgable staff!

Quality of Pet Food

Generally, products from supermarkets are able to fulfill our pet’s basic nutritional needs. But, it is the quality of the respective products that counts, which mostly depends on the ingredients or composition itself. The best possible food comprising of all these aspects is available only in a specialized online pet store.

Just like us humans, our pet also require a balanced nutrition diet to provide them energy and for the cells to build and repair. Otherwise, they will suffer from disorders such as developmental and growth disorder, obesity, underweight and infections.

In contrast to supermarket brands, premium branded pet foods found in leading pet stores are:

1. scientifically formulated to provide the right balance of nutrients such as fiber, protein,  fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins
2. higher in protein content
3. contain more raw ingredients

Unhealthy Content

Supermarket pet food brands usually contain higher fat and sugar content, which makes it more palatable and ‘tasty’ for your pets. Do take note that this means that the food are less healthy!

Price vs Quality

One of the most common reasons why pet owners purchase supermarket brands is that it is cheaper and easily accessible. However, supermarket brands are less expensive due to fillers such as corn bran, oat hull, cereal by-products and feathers etc.

In contrast, premium dog food is pricier and is usually only available in no.1 online pet store. As the saying goes, “you pay for what you get”.