/Why Does My Cat Bring Me Dead Animals

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Dead Animals

Wondering why your serial killer cats always bring you dead animals? Cats are pretty awesome and mysterious animals. If you are a cat owner, you may sometimes find some of your cat’s behaviours leave you scratching your head, including the “gift-giving” behaviour.

Although cats have been domesticated for centuries, their wild little child remains inside. The natural-born hunters are extremely well-adapted to a carnivorious lifestyle. They hunt because of their nature. When your cat brings you a dead mouse, it means she is sharing her trophy with you! Let’s learn why gift-giving cats bring their humans hunting gifts.

A Gift Specially For You


Oh, it could be a thanksgiving present from your feline friend! Cats probably think they are doing a great favour by depositing dead animals at the couch of their humans. We all know cats wouldn’t bother bringing us these treasured presents if they don’t have a loving relationship with us. So don’t scold your cat if she brings you a less-than-savoury gift. Think of how you like to be treated when you give someone a present. Instead of scolding your cat, you should put on a smile, accept the “gift” graciously and praise your fearless hunter!

The Hunting Instincts In Cats


However, the author of Understanding Your Cat and the well-known animal behaviour expert Michael W.Fox disagrees with the “gift theory”. Dr. Fox holds the opinion that cats bring dead animals to their humans is simply a natural cat behaviour. Although cats were first domesticated nearly 10,00 years ago, they retain the feral hunting instincts as well as the simple gut that allows them to digest raw meat.

In fact, cats learn and pick up the behaviours from their mothers. For instance, cat mothers teach their kittens how to look after themselves, starting off by bringing back dead prey for the kittens to eat.

Feline Teacher


Cats are natural predators with keen hunting instincts. Basically, your cat sees you as an inept kitten that she needs to teach how to hunt. Your cat may also think of you as a poorly-equipped hunter and so it may be that she wants to teach you how to chase and kill for your own survival.

Other than this, some experts theorize cats simply bring their “trophies” to their nest – your home and plan to enjoy it later.