/These Homemade Pet Treats Will Set Tails Wagging

These Homemade Pet Treats Will Set Tails Wagging

Who doesn’t love good snacks? Especially when they are on healthy side! We bet your pet is a big fan of the nom-noms – healthy and delicious pet treats, too. Although treats are not the entire substance of your pet’s diet, it’s important to get the right treats for your precious furry companion. Pet owners are encouraged to learn how to read a pet treat label. Here at Perropet, we would like to highlight a few things you should look out for when buying the treats for your pet.

First and foremost, always look for all-natural treats – no artificial colours and preservatives. According to Whole Dog Journal, artificial preservatives such as sodium nitrate, BHA, BHT and potassium sorbate are absolute no-no. Natural preservatives such as mixed Tocopherols and Vitamin E are preferable. No products with the term of “flavour” in the ingredient list too. This indicates the ingredients do not have their own good flavours – not the perfect treat for your pet.

Avoid artificial sweeteners or excessive salt. “Good” sweeteners include unsweetened applesauce and honey. Plus, the meat ingredients should be whole – no animal by-products, animal fat or other unnamed meat source. By-products should be avoided as they could be anything from ground up sick animals, to chicken beaks and feet.

If you still find yourself questioning about how to recognize a healthy treat from one that resembles human “junk food”, consider homemade pet treats. Pamper your pooch with healthy homemade treats that will give you peace of mind – at least you will know exactly what’s in the ingredient list and you will never find any by-products in your beloved pet’s treats!


Benefits Of Homemade Pet Treats

1.Reduction Of Skin Allergies

Most homemade pet treats are wheat free and grain free – the best choice for those pets who are allergic to grains and wheats. Plus, they are free of toxic pesticides that could be the cause of the skin problems.

2.Better Quality

Homemade pet treats are free of additives and artificial ingredients. The most important is that the ingredients are all-natural – no cheap ingredients such as meat by-products with little to no nutritional value. Keep in mind that low-quality pet treats can lead to various medical problems, including skin problems, obesity and diabetes.

3.Digestive Disorders

Easily digestible chicken, lamb and vegetables will make a difference in your pet’s digestive system. And your pet will have bowel movements with less smelly firm stools. The wholesome ingredients in the homemade pet treats have a better appeal too, as they have no artificial antibiotics and flavours or synthetic ingredients that can be found in commercial pet food.

3.Longevity And Better Quality Of Life

The treats that you feed your pet will have an impact on his life. For instance, the low-quality ingredients in pet treats will influence the immune system and the weight of your pet. Typically, natural pet treats ensure that your pet has a healthy, long and happy life. Strong immune system, healthy weight, energy to play and run will maximize the life expectancy of your pet and the quality of life he will have in his old age.

Keep Your Furry Friend’s Tail Wagging

Wheat free, sugar free, grain free, salt free and preservative free – surprise your Fluffy with some pawfect homemade pet treats to keep his tail wagging! Healthy and tasty, there’s nothing better than the premium and naturally nom-noms offered by Barkery Oven, the gourmet pet bakery in Malaysia. Here’s a hearty recommendation from Perropet: this is definitely a good choice for your pet, especially for those who have skin problems and allergy issues – Barkery Oven is the only pet bakery in Malaysia that focuses on creating treats targeted at sensitive skin pets by specializing in baking gluten free and grain free treats!



Everypawdy loves biscuits and these biscuits are sure to have tails wagging! Well, let’s take a look at the main ingredient – flour. Wheat free flour blend, rye flour, chickpea flour, rice flour, tapioca flour and oat flour – these are the ingredients mainly found in Barkery Oven’s biscuits and they are considered as a good flour for dogs, according to The Nest. All of them are wheat free and grain free alternative flours – definitely furkid-approved, including other ingredients, of course!

2.Natural Dehydrated Treats

Not a big fan of biscuit? Barkery Oven hear you. The natural dehydrated treats pack all the benefits of raw food – they are compact, non-messy and gentle on a pet’s digestive system. And organ meats such as dehydrated liver treats are among the most nutrient dense foods. Providing a wholesome natural alternative, these hearty treats are the best training tools to reward your furry companion too – there’s no doubt about it. Your pet loves to receive treats!