/Free Pet-Related Online Course You Can Take

Free Pet-Related Online Course You Can Take

Learning is fun, especially we can choose to study what we love! You can bring your passion back into learning by taking these pet-related online course.

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Check out these free courses you can take!


Udemy: How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

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Did you know how to introduce your dog to your new baby? This video course is designed as a step by step process you can use to ingrate children into a home with dogs! The instructor, Ted Efthymiadis will teach you how to prepare your dog to meet your new baby and you will also learn the tips on how to integrate your new baby into a home with dogs. This course is right for expecting mothers who are concern about how they should introduce their baby to their dogs.

Udemy: Service Dog Training Course For Retrieving Independence



Canine Behavior Specialist and Trainer at DogSpeak, Nikki Ivey will teach you how to successfully develop a puppy into a well-rounded adult dog for service work. This course is suitable for those dog owners who is interested in training a puppy for real life situations and service work. It will prepare the human handler to be a strong and consistent leader for his or her puppy. Plus, the handler can learn how to ensure his or her designated puppy is successful in the Retrieving Independence program. You will understand how to lay a solid training foundation for your puppy to become a well-developed service dog. Complete 35 lectures to get the certificate of completion. Note that there are no prerequisites for this course.

Udemy: Train Your Dog To Walk On A Treadmill



Wondering how to train your dog to walk on a treadmill? This course is right for you! The instructor, Ted Efthymiadis is passionate dog trainer based in Halifax NS Canada. This video course takes four dogs threw the process who have never been on a treadmill before. Total 8 lectures and it will take less than an hour to complete this course.