/Which Comb Is Suitable For Your Pet?

Which Comb Is Suitable For Your Pet?

Dog grooming combs come in all sizes, shapes and colours. So you have plenty of choice to buy combs with ergonomically appropriate handles. There are handles made of wood, metal, or silicone gel that conforms to your hand. Then there are combs with no handles at all. There are dog grooming combs that have static teeth and those that rotate. Combs can have teeth spread far apart or arranged tightly (fine). Some combs have both. Some combs have longer teeth to manoeuvre through longer coats. Rubber curry combs are effective for massaging the skin and removing dead hair from short-haired breeds.

Different breeds need different types of comb. Some breeds need more than one type of comb to keep their coat looking great.


1. Flea Combs

If there is an existing flea problem, you can quickly find flea dirt or flea excrement on a dog’s coat with the use of a flea comb.  These little combs have very fine teeth that would separate the hairs well enough to find fleas and their droppings.  These combs also double as a face comb for removing gunk and debris from under the eyes.

2. Metal Combs

These dog grooming combs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and even colours. Some have uniform teeth of one size, while others are two sided.  Combs without handles are generally referred to as Greyhound combs. Each comb is all-metal with either round or flat spines. The varieties are Medium-Coarse, Fine-coarse, and Fine-Medium. Most of these combs have static pins, but you can purchase ones with rotating pins.  The rotating pins seem to move easier through the hair and prevent less hair from being pulled out by the roots.

3. De-matting Combs

These dog grooming combs have much fewer teeth spread widely apart.  The teeth are sharper for cutting through and removing mats.

4. Undercoat Rakes

These dog grooming combs, also called de-matting rakes are good at getting through thick hair with dogs that have a dense undercoat. It is called a rake because it resembles the garden rake variety, the teeth are spread farther apart than the average comb.

5. Rubber Curry Combs

Rubber Curry Comb (some call this a brush) is a soft tool that massages the skin and removes dead hairs on short-haired dogs. This tool can be used in the bath or on a dry dog to massage the skin.  It helps reduce the amount of hair that would normally shed out, especially during seasonal shedding periods.

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