/How To Fix Submissive or Excitement Urination In Dogs

How To Fix Submissive or Excitement Urination In Dogs

Submissive urination is normal canine communication. Dogs do it to show social appeasement. When a dog submissively urinates, he is trying to convey that he is not a threat. Not all dogs submissively urinate. However, some dogs urinate when they are exceptionally excited or feeling submissive and intimidated.

Submissive urination is most common in puppies, but some adult dogs submissively urinate as well, especially those who lack confidence. The behaviour is more common in some breeds than others, such as retrievers. Some dogs submissively urinate only when interacting with their pet parents, some only with visitors, some only with other dogs, and some with everyone.


1. Greet Dog Outdoors

Whenever possible, greet the dog outdoors. Have someone let him out to greet you in a fenced yard or other safe area when you arrive home. If no one else is home, ignore the dog until you let him out, and then greet him outside.

2. Bring Your Dog Out Frequently

Take him out frequently to pee outdoors. A full bladder releases more easily and makes a larger puddle – more so than an empty or near-empty one.

3. Give Treats or Toys

Give visitors treats or a toy to offer to your dog. This encourages the dog to increase body height and move forward (more assertive behaviors) and gives guests something to do other than pat the dog’s head.

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4. Attend Positive Training Class

Take your dog to a good positive training class. Not only can the trainer help you with the submissive urination challenge, but the improved communication between you and your dog that occurs as a result of positive training will help him gain more confidence and end his submissive behaviour.

5. Use Dog Diaper Or Belly Band

Use one of the various doggie diaper or belly-band products that are available to contain the urine. These products help to prevent damage to carpets and floors while you work on modifying the behaviour.

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