/Malaysia: Where To Get Pet-Friendly Christmas Treats

Malaysia: Where To Get Pet-Friendly Christmas Treats

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – so treat yourself and your furkids with something sweet! Every pet deserves a Christmas treat. Here are some pet-friendly treats that will fill your pooch’s Christmas holiday stocking with cheer!

They are presented in alphabetical order.

Blink Pets Bakery

Healthy and well balanced diet, these pet-friendly Christmas treats and cakes are truly so nice! From turkey pie to gift box, Blink Pets Bakery offers supaw-licious pastries and biscuits to keep your pet’s tail wagging! More than healthy and delicious, those treats look good enough to eat too!

Price: Starts from RM 9

Facebook: Blink Pets Bakery

Website: Blink Pets Bakery

Pawz Bakery

Dreaming of a “cute” Christmas? Pawz Bakery is here to add a little cuteness to your Christmas (and your pooch’s Christmas too, of course!) with their charming assortment of natural, delicious mini cakes and cookies! Their Christmas treat collection includes set of 4 X mini cakes, Merry Berries cookies, Jolly Fruity cookies and more – they make sure your pooch will be well-pampered!

Price: Starts from RM 16

Facebook: Pawz Bakery

Website: Pawz Bakery


Share your Christmas special moment with your furry kid and indulge him with Scrumptious’s merrylicious pet-friendly cookies – they are the “must-have” on your Christmas list! They come in 3 options: Tumeric Goats Milk & Ginger Malt, Tumeric Goats Milk & Ginger Malt and Tumeric Goats Milk & Ginger Malt – all of them are lovely and healthy treats for your pet for the festive season!

Facebook: Scrumptious

Christmas is a great time to stock up on all your pet’s favourite treats, including those you give him every day! Explore our pet treat collection now!