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Spring Veterinary Clinic

Spring Veterinary Clinic aims to contribute to the health and well-being of pets by providing the best care to every patient at an affordable cost. At the same time, the clinic wants to introduce Traditional Chinese Medicine as an option in combination with veterinary medical science to enhance treatment of pets. The team strongly believe in treating all pets like their own. Also, the clinic hopes to inspire pet owners to further improve the wellness of their pets by embracing preventive medical care.

 In the long run, Spring wants to become the most trusted and preferred provider of veterinary care to pets through the best-in-class clinical practice and continual education. ​

All pets are important to the team. Regardless of the species of pet or severity of their conditions, Spring always ask the same question: “How would we treat these pets if they were ours?” This is because Spring believes that they must be comfortable to give the exact same treatment to our pets if they were to have the same condition.


1. Vaccination.

2. Geriatric care.

3. Parasite control.

4. Micro chipping.

5. Preventive Health Care.

6. Dogs sterilization.

7. Cats sterilization.

8. General soft tissue surgery.

9. Lump/growth removal.

10. Wound repair.


Address: Block 123, Hougang Avenue 1 #01- 1412

Website: https://www.springvet.com.sg