/Best Places In KL/Selangor For Cat Grooming Service Below RM 50

Best Places In KL/Selangor For Cat Grooming Service Below RM 50

When it comes to keep your pet clean and looking good, there are lots of useful tools to do-it-youself. However, not all of us are equipped with grooming skills. We all want our pets look their best, but having them professionally grooming all the time is not financially feasible for everybody. The cost of pet grooming can vary by what services are included in the package, as well as the size and fur length of the pet. Sending your pet to the groomer can be really expensive. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here’s the list of places in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor where your cat can be groomed by professional groomers without spending more than RM 50.

They are presented in alphabetical order.

1. HashCat

Located in Bandar Saujana Putra Jenjarom, HashCat is a home-based cat sanctuary which provides boarding, mating and grooming service. The passionate team promises to give the very best for your feline friend. The cost of cat grooming depends on size and fur length of your cat.

Price: RM 30 – RM 40

Contact: 012-3778746

Facebook: HashCat

2. IZ Pet House Grooming & Mating Services

Situated in Puchong, IZ Pet House Grooming & Mating Services is the purrfect place to come if you are looking for affordable and high-quality grooming service for your kitty-cat! Providing the best service at best price, their basic grooming package includes nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, brush and blow dry.

Price: RM 15 – RM 40

Contact: 012-3727140

Facebook: IZ Pet House Grooming & Mating Services

3. Royamis Home Based Cats Grooming

Royamis Homed Based Cats Grooming is a team of cat lovers who are passionate about making cats happy and look great! Situated in Shah Alam, they are home-based cat groomers. Depending on the age, breed and fur length of your cat, the cost of grooming starts from RM 35.

Price: RM 35 – RM 50

Contact: 010-2284215

Facebook: Royamis Home Based Cats Grooming

4. Snow’s Cat Grooming & Boarding

Get high-quality cat grooming services at Snow’s Cat Grooming & Boarding with experienced groomers! Their team members are private cat enthusiasts and have an accumulative experience of 17 years in cat-caring and grooming.

Price: RM 25 – RM 55

Contact: 016-3919175

Facebook: Snow’s Cat Grooming & Boarding

If we miss any cat grooming services, do let us know and drop an email to cherrey@perropet.com