/Specially Handpicked Christmas Holiday Gifts For Your Pets

Looking for a last minute present for your pets? If your pet is not getting anything this Christmas, it’s going to be real naughty next year! I paw-mise. So treat your pets right this Christmas and they are going to be real good to you!


Turkey Treats

If humans are going to have turkey on Christmas, who says dogs can’t?! Choose from a wide selection of turkey treats, ranging from freeze dried to flavoured! Your pets are in for a treat, literally 😉

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Christmas Themed Toys

fuzzyard-christmas-gift-pet-perromart-2 fuzzyard-christmas-gift-pet-perromart-1

Fuzzyard Christmas themed toys are the perfect cuddly Christmas companions for your dog. Made from super-soft and non-toxic acrylic plush, your pets can safely enjoy playtime as they chew through the toy.

100% polyester fibre

Comes with squeaker

Colour safe



Machine washable

Suitable for all life stages

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Christmas Themed Accessories

 zeedog-harness-holiday-christmas-gift-pets-2 zeedog-harness-holiday-christmas-gift-pets-1

What’s better than looking on point for Christmas? Accessorize your pets with Christmas-ssy-looking harness and leash. Your dog is going to be the star of every Christmas party! Simple, comfortable and stylish, nothing’s easier than this!

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Unique Treats


These unique christmas treats from local stores are one-of-a-kind, specially baked and produced during the christmas season only. Fastest paws win. Quickly sweep them off the shelves before they get into other dogs’ tummies. Don’t say we didnt warn you!