/How To Keep Your Pet Safe On New Year’s Eve

How To Keep Your Pet Safe On New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve celebrations are a time of fun! However, it can be a very fearful time that may cause stress and anxiety for our beloved furry friends. From fireworks to loud parties, dogs and cats can get stressed out or sick for the celebration of ringing in the new year. During the celebrations, remember to keep an eye out for your furry friend’s wellbeing around guests, loud noises and dangerous foods!

Here at PerroPet, we have some tips for making the new year eve as fun and safe for your furry friends as it is for you.


Keep Your Pet Inside

Keep your pet inside! Don’t forget to secure the gates and fences too. Note that fireworks and other loud noises can make your pet nervous and he might try to run away. Scared dogs or cats have been known to even jump fences to get away, so it’s best to keep your pet indoors, but do not chain or tie him.

Watch The Door

If you are inviting guests to your house, make sure that they watch the door as they come in and out of your house so that your pet doesn’t get out.

Be Mindful Of Noise

Although chatty guests and popping champagne all make a party great, but these noises can also cause anxiety and stress for your pet. As such, remember to keep your pet in a room away from the party or turn down the noise as much as possible.

Fireworks are part and parcel of ringing in the new year, however, some of cats and dogs are not a fan of fireworks. When pets get scared, they will often try to escape the situation – so make sure there’s a safe space for your pet to retreat too. You can create some hiding spots in the house and leave their favourite toys for them to find. Putting on some calming music or TV on to mask the firework sounds is another way to calm your pet.

Furry-Approved Foods Only

Keep party favours and toxic treats out of paw’s reach! Avoid feeding your pet foods that can be poisonous like alcohol and chocolate. Watch your guests too – not all people have pets and may not be familiar with the importance of not feeding dogs human food or drinks.

New year is on the way! Thank you, everypawdy, for your sup-paw-t in 2017, and we would like to wish you a happy, healthy and pawsome New Year! We highly appreciate your continued sup-paw-t!