/List Of Pet Relocation Services In Malaysia

List Of Pet Relocation Services In Malaysia

Whatever your reason for transporting your pet, you will want to take proper care when arranging your pet transport. Relocating your pet can be a complicated process, especially when you are moving to another country to start a new life. It requires extensive knowledge of both import and export. Factors such as quarantine regulations, veterinary documentation and flight restrictions can make it a daunting task for any pet owner to overcome. Don’t fret! Whether transporting your pet domestically or overseas, these companies can help move your pet smoothly.

They are presented in alphabetical order.


Your peace of mind is G-pet’s goal! Making the journey stress-free for your pet, the dedicated team provides pet transport services with safety and caring attention being their concerns. Apart from professional pet relocation services, they offer boarding and training services too.

Website: G-pet

Facebook: G-pet


Your pets are in good hands because they know and care! If you are planning to transport your pet internationally, MASkargo is the right people to do it for you. Import or export rate varies according to travel distance and cage dimensions.

Price: Starts From RM 30 Per Kennel (Not Included: Accomodation Charges & Cleaning And Disposal Of Crate For Domestic Animals)

Website: MASkargo

Facebook: MASkargo Animal Hotel

PetAir Malaysia – Expat Pet Relocation Services

Offering comprehensive solutions to pet relocation, PetAir Malaysia is Malaysia’s leading pet travel expert and worldwide service provider for transporting pets around the corner or around the world. The professional team handles door-to-door cases too!

Website: PetAir Malaysia

Facebook: PetAir Malaysia

Pet’s Pet Taxi & SSK Agency

Moving with pets can be a complicated process, but don’t worry – Pet’s Pet Taxi & SSK Pet Agency is here to help! The professional team takes all the hassle out of pet relocation, providing and arranging everything your pet needs for the trip.

Price: Starts From RM 900 to RM 19,000

Facebook: Pet’s Pet Taxi & SSK Pet Agency

Petzania Pet Relocation Malaysia – Import and Export

Founded in 2012, Petzania Pet Relocation Malaysia helps all kinds of pets move all over the world from Malaysia with the utmost care and as cost effective as it can get!

Facebook: Petzania Pet Relocation Malaysia – Import and Export

RF Pets Relocation Services (KLIA) Malaysia

Your one stop solution for a hassle free pet relocation! Specializing in pet relocation services, RF Pets Relocation Services offers personalized, safe pet travel and transportation services for your pet. They also provide temporary boarding service for the pets that will be relocated to new homes.

Website: RF Pets Relocation Services (KLIA) Malaysia

Facebook: RF Pets Relocation Services (KLIA) Malaysia

SkyPetz Pet Relocation Services

SkyPetz Pet Relocation Services is experienced in relocating pets nationwide and worldwide. They are here to ethically and safely take care of the entire process of your pet relocation needs. 

Website: Skypetz Pet Relocation Services

Facebook: Skypetz Pet Relocation Services