/Breed Intro: American Wirehair

Breed Intro: American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is a breed of domestic cat, which originates in upstate New York. Though the breed is well-known, it is ranked as the rarest breed of the 41 Cat Fanciers’ Association breeds, with only 22 registered, down from 39 in 2002. It is an athletic cat with a moderate activity level. They enjoy a good playtime session, but are not overly demanding of attention or activity. They are smart and enjoys playing with puzzle toys and interactive toys. They have a sociable nature and aren’t the type to hide under the bed when visitors arrive.

Breed Origin


This cat is an American original. It was first seen in 1966, in a litter of kittens born to a domestic shorthair cat in upstate New York. The only kitten to survive from that litter was a red tabby and white male. Because of his unusual coat, the owners showed him to a local cat breeder, Joan O’Shea, who purchased the kinky-coated kitten. He set about trying to reproduce it through crosses to American Shorthairs. The American Wirehair achieved full recognition from the Cat Fanciers Association in 1978. In The International Cat Association, the breed is considered a type of American Shorthair. American Wirehairs are also recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association, the Canadian Cat Association and the World Cat Federation.

Breed Characteristics


The American Wirehair is a quiet cat who loves people and will follow them from room to room. They take a keen interest in everything going on around him.

They may or may not be a lap cat, but they will always appreciate having a spot next to the humans on the sofa or at the end of the bed.

The American Wirehair’s unusual coat needs little care. Brushing or combing can damage it, so that type of grooming isn’t necessary except in the spring, when the cat is shedding his winter coat.

The American Wirehair has a rounded head with high cheekbones, medium-size ears that are rounded at the tips, and large, round bright eyes that tilt slightly upward. The medium-size body is supported by muscular legs and rounded paws with heavy pads.

They love the attention he receives from children who treat him politely and with respect. He will get along fine with dogs if they don’t give him any trouble.