/MBPJ’s New Rule If You Want To Reclaim Your Pet

MBPJ’s New Rule If You Want To Reclaim Your Pet

What to do if your dog has been picked up by council officers or dog catchers? In Malaysia, the council officers will impound dogs when they are found straying. The dog pound or shelter, in general, will keep the dog for a period of 7 days. As such, dog owners have to reclaim their lost pets as soon as possible. We all know reclaiming a lost pet is quite easy – all you need to do is show the licence and pay for the pound release fees. However, If you want to reclaim your pet from Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ)’s dog pound, you’ll have to follow the new guidelines.

As a result of a joint effort between the MBPJ and Paws Animal Welfare Society(PAWS), a new set of regulations to handle strays has been implemented starting 1 Jan 2018. With the new regulations, any lost pet will have to be microchipped and vaccinated by PAWS, and optionally neutered, according to Free Malaysia Today. PAWS will charge pet owners RM 20 for the compulsory microchip and RM 50 for vaccination and deworming. Neutering or spaying is up to the owner while the neutering cost is RM 150.

However, all three steps are compulsory for reclaming the strays.

For more details, please visit Paws Animal Welfare Society’s Facebook.

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