/2018 New Year Resolutions For Your Dog In Singapore


2018 New Year Resolutions For Your Dog In Singapore

Lose Weight

Is your dog slightly overweight or obese? Though fat dogs may look adorable to you, it may not be good for their wellbeing. Obesity in dogs can cause severe health issues and should be prevented. Weight should be measured regularly to ensure that your dog is in the healthy weight range. Consult your veterinarian on what weight is best for your dog. Do note that the ‘ideal weight’ varies for every dog, even if dogs share the breed or age. So yes, time to shed those fats!

Try A New Activity

Don’t we humans get bored of the same old routine? Of course, it’s gonna be the same for your pets! Make a resolution to let your doggo try something new this year. You can do a fun activity together, such as hiking, swimming or even dog agility in Singapore! Not only will you and your pet bond, you will definitely have a even closer relationship by the end of the year!

Learn More Tricks

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Ain’t you sick of the same few tricks – sit, stay, down? Time to teach something cooler and train your dog into a trick master! By learning more tricks, you will improve your pet’s mental health and overall behaviour. Dogs of all ages are able to pick up new tricks, don’t look down on your older pups!

Go On More Play Dates

Other than the usual play dates with humans and neighbourhood dogs, perhaps it’s time to make more new fur-friends! Set up an Instagram account and look out for potential playmates. Meet up at a nearby pet-friendly dog cafe or dog parks for a fun time together! Interacting with other fur-friends improves your pet’s mental health and improve their social skills!

Dental Care

Dental care is so important, but almost all owners don’t realize the importance of it. Bad dental health may cause damage to your pet’s heart and liver in the long run. Start taking care of your dog’s teeth and health. We recommend getting absolute bites chews to help keep the plaque monster away.