/Elsa, A Puppy Mill Survivor, A Warrior Princess
Elsa Faith Puppy Mill Survivor

Elsa, A Puppy Mill Survivor, A Warrior Princess

When I visited Madeline’s house, I was greeted with warm smiles and a happy, wagging tail. I met the blind furbaby, Elsa. And her mummy shared a sad yet inspiring and heartwarming story with me.

Here’s a true story of a puppy mill survivor in Malaysia. Born blind, abandoned on a highway and left to die – Elsa Faith is a victim of the puppy farm. A puppy mill or puppy farm is a commercial dog factory where profit is given priority over the health and proper care of the dogs. Breeding at puppy farms is performed without consideration of genetic quality. As such, puppies bred in mill conditions suffer severe health and behaviour problems. Birth defect is a common problem in dog farm puppies too, including underdeveloped eyes, blindness, deafness and missing limbs. (Read More: Are There Puppy Mills In Malaysia )

Elsa was a product of a puppy farm and was abandoned on a highway because of her birth defect. She was born blind; such a tragedy could have been avoided if the breeder practiced safe breeding. Fortunately, she was rescued by a kind soul and found a loving, forever home.

(From left) Elsa’s nanny Novelyn and her mummy, Madeline Lee.

Her name, “Elsa” was given by her rescuer from the movie “Frozen”, representing courage and strength. “Faith” was given by her owner, Madeline Lee.

“When I first saw Elsa, I fell so in love with her,” said Madeline.

She still remembers the day Elsa came home.

“I first came across Elsa when I saw a post on Facebook. She was rescued and the rescuer is finding a home for her. I kinda feel in love with her, and I didn’t know that she was blind at the time,” said Madeline.

At the beginning, she decided to foster Elsa. “The initial plan is actually foster her. I want to see whether Elsa can get along with my other dogs. But when she came home, within 3 hours, I changed my mind. And I decided to adopt her.”

On August 17, 2014, Madeline made a promise to Elsa – she is going to make Elsa a princess. And of course, Elsa is now truly a princess. Elsa is living in the absolute best life. Playful, healthy, cheerful, loving and friendly – she is a completely different dog now. She has a family to cuddle with, all of the food she could ever want and lots of room to run!

All pets are special. Taking care of a special needs dog is easier than you thought. Patience and love are the keys.

“When Elsa first arrived, I was nervous. I thought it was going to be a painful task caring for her,” said Madeline.

But Elsa proved her wrong.

“Elsa was and is so intelligent that she picked up command such as ‘careful, sit, down, lie, and roll’ in few weeks only,” she said.

She has no experience of taking care of a special needs dog until she adopted Elsa. As such, she done a lot of researches about blind dogs. She learned from the Internet and community dog groups. She does the best she can and always provides the very best for Elsa.

“The myth of handicapped dogs requires extra care is not true. Elsa is toilet trained. She is independent and can be left at home for hours,” Madeline said. Because Elsa can’t see, she can stay focused during the training session.  And she picks up new things easily, too. She proved that a special needs dog like her can be amazing and as pawsome as other pets!

Today, Elsa perfectly lives up her name. Courageous, strong, determined and have the faith to love, she coped with blindness and her puppy mill past. She sleeps with her mummy at night. She eats good, tasty meals. She gets cuddled, brushed and dressed like a princess every day. And of course, she gets lots of love from her mummy and her Nanny, Novelyn. She is so loved now!

“By sharing Elsa’s journey, it will create awareness so other animal lovers out there will know that blind furkids like Elsa can be trained too.” Madeline hopes all special needs dogs like Elsa will also find a loving home.

Adopt a special needs dog. Every dog deserves love and a home. A special needs dog can be no different in most respects than any other pet. To follow Elsa Faith on Facebook.

Elsa, the sweet furbaby is a little ray of sunshine to brighten your day.
A dog makes your life more awesome.