/Where To Get Pet-friendly Chinese New Year Goodies In Singapore

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Where To Get Pet-friendly Chinese New Year Goodies In Singapore

Now that you are ready to dress your pets in Chinese New Year accessories, it’s time to find chinese new year snacks for them. Of course, human version of chinese new year snacks are too dangerous, unhealthy and fattening for your pups. Here some pet-friendly options you can buy for your pets, so guests won’t have to share their food with them!

The Bakers Pooch

One of the newer bakeries in Singapore, The Barker Pooch has launched a lunar new year collection featuring four products, Meatzza, Pineapple tarts, Handmade dumplings (饺子) and bakkwa! The pineapple tart’s fillings are made with ingredients such as organic raw honey & home made apple sauce. Strictly no artificial additives. The above Meatzza’s base is made of 100% meat with zero flour content. Covered with a layer of pumpkin & a layer of chesse , topped with chunks of pineapple, salmon, mussels, goji berries & capsicums.

Psst, preorder for this collection ends tonight, so hurry order!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebakerspooch/

2. The Woof Barkery

TheWoofBarkery has launched a few unique treats such as Ang Ku Kueh, sweet potato tarts, pineapple cake and cupcakes. Now that the sweet potato tarts are sold out, you still have other selections! Your pets are spoilt for choices!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewoofbarkery 

3. Barking Good SG

Barking Good, a bakery that specializes in cakes, released a sneak peak on the Pawsperity cake. Filled with gold treasures, your chinese new year is going to be huat! This is specially good for families with a few dogs or chinese new year gathering!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barkinggoodsg/

4. Feed My Paws

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Kueh bangkit and Pencai lovers, anyone? Feed My Paws released a pet-friendly version of these foods. It’s gonna be paw-licious! Now you can feel less guilty during chinese new year, yum!


5. The Barkery Singapore

Barkery Singapore has been known for its special creations. This year, they have a few unique food launches, with the most special one being radish cake. If you want your pets to try this pet-friendly version of radish cake, check out barkery’s  cny collection!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sgbarkery/