/How To Choose Cat Litter

How To Choose Cat Litter

Buying the right type of cat litter is important. With so many options out there, choosing the best cat litter can be a difficult choice. Note that cats have their own personal preferences when it comes to litter. And what matters is that you provide your cat with the kind of litter she feels comfortable with. Otherwise, she may refuse to use the cat litter box. It’s so important to familiarise yourself with the pros and cons of each type of cat litter – so you can figure out which litter works best for your cat!

Types Of Cat Litter


Soya/Tofu Cat Litter

Unlike clay or silica crystal litter, soya and tofu cat litter are made from 100% biodegradable and flushable materials. It does not contain any clay or silica to ensure safety. Easy to scoop, 99% dust-free, strong adour control – these reasons are why many cat owners prefer soya and tofu cat litter!

However, it is more expensive compared to other types of cat litter.

  1. Fussie Cat
  2. Kit Cat

Silica Gel Crystals Litter

Silica gel is composed of silica dioxide sand, oxygen and water. Silica cat litters usually produce less overall waste than traditional cat litters. One bag is meant to last for about one month, for one kitty. They come in smaller packaging and are lighter in weight – easier to carry! They provide great absorption of cat urine and eliminate urine odours too. Dust-free is another plus point.

Note that your cat may eat the silica litter and she could face some life-threatening medical situations. And some cats my find the rough shape of the crystals painful on their paws too.

  1. Litter Star
  2. Kit Cat
  3. Fussie Cat

Paper Cat Litter

Made from recycled paper, paper cat litter is an ideal option for cats who dislike the feel of harder litters. They are highly absorbent and dust-free.

  1. Fussie Cat

Clay-Based Cat Litter

Clay-based cat litter comes in a variety of selections from from non clumping to clumping and unscented to scented. Typically, it is the cheapest option. Note that they are usually dusty.

  1. Everclean
  2. Premier
  3. Clean n Easy

Factors To Consider



Put your cat’s comfort first. Some cats prefer a softer-textured substrate such as tofu or clay.

Number Of Cats

If you have more than one cat, remember to provide multiples boxes. The general rule of thumb is to have one box per cat if space allows. If you don’t have extra spaces for additional boxes, it would be best to plan to clean the existing box frequently.


Choose a cat litter according to your budget.


Dust-free and odour control should be the most inportant factors to consider if you own an indoor cat.

How To Transition


Sudden changes can make cats overwhelmed and stress them out. Do the transition gradually by keep adding a little of the new litter to your cat’s litter box, while slowly reducing the amount of the old brand litter.

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