/Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year With Your Pet In Malaysia

Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year With Your Pet In Malaysia

Dong Dong Chiang! Chinese New Year is fast approaching, are you ready for the Spring festival? In honour of the Year of the Woof, why not involve your pet in the celebrations? Here are some ideas on how to involve your pet in the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Grooming And Dressing


Let’s clean your pet up and dress him or her in a cute outfit! Chinese New Year is celebration of newness. A new haircut or a new outfit is a great way to mark the Spring Festival! Why not pamper your pet with a grooming session? Show your pet you ruff him so much!

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Spread Goodwill

Credit: JB Doggie Club

Chinese New Year is a time of showing generosity to others too! Make this Spring Festival more meaningful by giving more to charity. You can donate food or money to your local animal shelters.

Pamper Your Pet’s Taste Buds


Pamper your pet for a healthier and happier pet! Don’t forget to pick up lots of yummy, pet-friendly treats for your furry pals too! It’s time to spoil your pet with lots of love and treats – shop for your pet now! Enjoy free shipping  on orders over RM 75 at PerroMart and 8% off on Year of the Woof collection!

Go Out And Wow The Crowd


2018 is the Year of the Woof – it’s time to let your pet shines and celebrate Chinese New Year without being judged by others! Let’s adorn your pet in pawsome outfit and take him to pet-friendly parks or cafes!

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Stay Away From Fireworks


Fireworks are a huge part of the Lunar New Year, and the explosions fireworks are considered a sound of celebration and a deterrent to evil spirits. However, they can terrify your pet. So it’s important to to keep him protected from noise and loud bangs.

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