/Malaysia: What To Do If Your Pet Is Lost

Malaysia: What To Do If Your Pet Is Lost

When your beloved furry companion strays from home, it can be a traumatic experience for both you and your pet. As soon as you realize your dog or cat is lost, it’s time to look for him. The sooner you start taking action, the more likely you will reunite with him. Here are some tips for you if your pet gets lost.

Search Your Neighbourhood

Walk or drive through your neighbourhood few times each day. Talk to your neighbours and leave your contact number – so you can be reached if your pet is found.


Make your lost pet flyers. Be sure to include important information about your pet such as your pet’s breed, sex, age, weight, colour and markings. If possible, use a colour photo of your pet. And list the date and venue your pet was last seen.

It’s important to include your contact number too, and do not put your name or address on your flyers – this is to avoid opening yourself up to scammers and criminals. If you offer a reward, don’t list an amount.

Next, post the flyers at grocery stores, veterinary offices, traffic intersections, pet supply stores and other possible locations. You can place advertisements in newspapers too.

Visit Your Nearest Animal Shelter Or Dog Pound

Visit your nearest animal shelters every day and provide them with an accurate description and a recent photograph of your pet. You can take a flyer along that includes your pet’s picture and your contact number.

Note that your pet could be at the council pound too. It’s important to find out and visit your local council pound as soon as you can. Bring along any documentation which can help identify your lost pet.

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Try The Internet

Internet is a powerful tool for searching. Post your notices or digital flyers on websites such as Petfinder.my. You can make a public post on your Facebook or other social media accounts and ask your friends to spread the post. Do join and post a lost pet notice on different pet-related Facebook groups.

Keep in mind that the information you’ve shared can be used by crooks to merely pretend they have your lost pet. If someone calls saying they have your pet, you can screen them by asking for that detail.

Tips To Prevent Your Pet From Being Lost Or Stolen

Prevention is better than the cure. There are several steps you can take to prevent your pet from being lost or stolen.

Wear a collar and ID tags:  A pet has a better chance of being returned if he always wears a collar and an ID tag with your name, address and contact number.

Have your pet microchipped: Microchips are an implanted form of identification equipped to access your contact information when scanned at a veterinary clinic or shelter. It is a safe, inexpensive way to safeguard and reclaim your pet, especially when your pet is stolen by someone.

Keep your pet safe when you’re out and about: Leash your pet when outside and supervise him at all times. Never leave your pet outside or in the car alone and unattended. Keeping your pet indoors and keeping the gates locked are important precautions too.