/Top 10 Best-Selling Dog Food in Singapore

Top 10 Best-Selling Dog Food in Singapore

With so many food selections, your dog is definitely spoilt for choice! If you have no idea where to start, or is thinking of changing your dog’s food, this list may come in handy. Here are the top 10 most popular dog food brands that Singa-paw-reans love feeding their dogs. Do take note that this list consists of a mixture of dry food (kibbles), freeze-dried raw and wet food.


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The most popular and #1 choice for dog food, Primal needs no introduction already. Comes in a wide variety of flavours, Primal is packed with nutrients and ingredients from the very BASIC! With limited ingredients, it is no wonder that Primal provides a more natural, organic diet that is as close to nature as you could get!


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Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about Primal:

Bought the smaller pack for the two furkids at home to try since they are relatively picky about their food. Really surprised that they love it so much that they kept licking their bowls even when it’s all been devoured. Easy to feed since it can be fed directly from the pack or rehydrated with water; tried both ways and they love it in any way.

– Marlene

Price: Cost per 100g = $2.80

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Merrick has been around for a long time, offering dry and wet food to Singa-paw-reans. With a strong belief in offering quality and natural dog food, Merrick has ventured into pet health food products such as Grammy’s Pot Pie, Turducken and Thanksgiving Dinner. Merrick is the definitely the highly recommended choice for owners who have just gotten their puppies!

Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about Merrick Dry Food:

My dogs are picky eaters. They usually do not finish their kibbles. But after we switch to Merrick, they will lick their bowls clean.

– Bleu

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Price: Cost per 100g = $2.89

Taste of the wild

Taste of the wild is popular for its reliability and trustworthiness. TOTW offers a wide range of dry food with ear-catching names such as Sierra Mountain and Southwest Canyon. TOTW dry food is highly rated at dog rating websites and veterinaries! Try it to know it. With unique formulas made for every dog, TOTW aims to help dogs achieve healthy lifestyle!


Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about TOTW:

GOOD! My dog is usually quite picky with his food so i’m glad to find that he seems to enjoy this one.



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Price: Cost per 100g = $1.55

Alps Natural

If you are looking for an affordable and quality dog food, look no further than Alps Natural. Alps Natural dry food is great for dogs with sensitive skin and food allergies. Alps Natural is amde of essential ingredients that provide quality nutrition and healthy diet. Ingredients are carefully selected and obtained from 100% natural sources.

Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about Alps Natural:


Bought the 2.5KG for my 7mth Pomeranian. Kibble size is ok. When she bite it can feel that it’s not really so hard. Turn out this became her favourite. I’m shocked she ate up the kibble first den the top up. Compare to my previous one that she ate only a few kibble.. This is amazing! Good for picky eater

-Jeffrey Soo

Price: Cost Per 100g = $0.56

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K9 Natural

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K9 Natural is another freeze dried raw food that your dog is going to ruff. Made in New Zealand, K9 is made up of the best ingredients to create a grain-free meal for your dogs. Using only sustainable and free-range ingredients, K9’s diet is mainly made up of 90% meat! K9 can be used as a complete meal or topper to entice your dog to eat even more!

Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about K9:

My dog loves this! I also noticed that he is having smaller and lesser stools, and shedding much lesser as compared to before (he’s a walking furstorm). Thumbs up to k9 natural!


Price: Cost per 100g = $7.78

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Made in New Zealand Addiction is an award-winning dog food. With the aims of creating natural and wholesome dog food, Addiction is made from premium proteins and game meats. The formula hopes to provide great results for dogs in terms of energetic vitality, skin and coat health. To cater to different needs of dogs and pawrents, Addiction has wet dog food, dehydrated dog food and dry dog food!

Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about Addiction:


After switching to Addiction, my dogs are eating better and their digestive system also improved.


Price:  Cost per 100g = $1.93

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Nutragold is well-known for its low-price yet quality dog food! NutraGold is formulated as such to give your dog a healthy and holistic life. The wholesome diet is made up of quality ingredients. Real meat and antioxidant-rich ingredients are added to create highly nutritious and delicious pet food.

Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about NutraGold:


My dog is prone to skin irritation and skin problems. However, she takes on Nutragold pretty well and is doing better now. It is also value for money and she loves it.


Price: Cost per 100g = $1.60

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Nutrience is a Canadian-made dog food that ensures superior quality. There are three different series to Nutrience – Nutrience SubZero, Nutrience Grain Free, and Nutrience Original. Based on ingredient analysis, Nutrience is one of the best dry dog food in the market currently. With no food recall history, Nutrience is definitely one brand you can trust your dog is going to love and benefit from!

Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about Nutrience:


especially the freeze dried bits


Price: Cost per 100g= $1.37

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Nurture Pro

Started off as a team of pet lovers, Nurture Pro aims to continue upholding its mission. Nurture Pro comes in two different series – Original and Nourish Life. With a formula that emphasises on the unique 3-6-10, the formula ensures that dogs will enjoy all of nature’s essential building blocks. The formula contains, THREE type of oils, SIX benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables and TEN types of essential benefits.

Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about NurturePro:



Seems to be healthier then most of the dry food we have bought in the past. My dog would finish this and shed less hair after a few months of consuming this.


Price: Cost per 100g= $0.70

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Made with Organic ingredients, Organix is America’s #1 Organic pet food. The organic ingredients are USDA certified, making Organix one of the first complete line of USDA certified pet food. Formula contains ingredients that provide nutritional benefits like probiotic and prebiotic. There is no reason to doubt the benefits of organic!

Here is what one of PerroMart customer says about Organix:


I tried many grain free products but had so many issues with them. But with this, everything is awesome! I’m sure it has something to do with organic ingredients. Very happy that I’m feeding my boy with high quality ingredients.


Price: Cost per 100g= $2.70