/I’m Perfect In My Imperfections: Love Is Blind

I’m Perfect In My Imperfections: Love Is Blind

Blind dogs can make great pets. They see with their hearts. Here’s a heartwarming story about a blind Poodle.


A 2-year-old Poodle, Girl Girl was born blind due to the hereditary disease. Her current owner, Catrina Lim decided to adopt her after took care of her for a few days. This was Catrina’s first time adopting a pet with disability.

“Last year, I was asked by my friend who is the previous owner of Girl Girl to take care of her pet while she’s away,” Catrina said. “My husband and I fell in love instantly with her and eventually decided to adopt her.”

They need this sweet blind dog in their life full-time.

“At first, we are quite afraid to welcome a blind dog into our family as we had no prior experience taking care of a blind pet. I thought caring for a blind dog is difficult, but the fact is that dogs don’t need sighted eyes to live a normal life. Girl Girl is healthy and happy just like other dogs.”

Living with a blind pet is not as hard as it seems.

After a short adjustment period, Girl Girl flourished in her new home. Today, she can easily move around her home, play with her playmate, Bobo the Schnauzer and even enjoy cafe-hopping.

“She has no eyes and no worries. She uses the senses of touch, hearing and smell to navigate and find her way around. The only thing we need to do is to clean up the pee and poop – so Girl Girl and our another furkid, Bobo will not step in the messes. ”

Animals have an incredible ability to map their environment as long as it is kept constant. Overtime, they will memorize a house’s layout.

“Girl Girl can easily move around our house and get her drinking water as she can memorize the layout. So it’s important to try not to move furniture around or leave obstacles on the floor,” she added.


Living with a blind pet is very similar to living with a sighted pet. Girl Girl proved that blind dogs are highly adaptable and are just as sweet and loving as sighted dogs.

“She’s a happy-go-lucky girl,” Catrina told Perropet. “Adopting her was one of the best decisions my family has ever made. She have taught us a great deal about patience, joy and love.”

“I hope Girl Girl’s story encourages other pet lovers to not have fears about adopting a blind pet,” she added.

Living with a blind pet is a whole new experience, Girl Girl’s story maybe even make you excited to welcome a disabled pet into your family!

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