/10 Strange Cat Behaviours Explained

10 Strange Cat Behaviours Explained

Cats are amazing companions, but does your cat’s behaviours sometimes confuse you? There are probably some cat behaviours that leave you scratching your head!


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Most of the cat owners will experience their feline friends jumping on their lap and head-butting them straight in the face. If your feline friend gives you a head-butt, consider it like receiving a high five from your friend. It’s her way of saying, “Hello, I feel safe and trust you.” Known as “bunting”, cat head-butting is generally used for bonding and social purposes. According to Dr. Debra Primovic, felines head-butt people they feel love and comfortable. When a cat rub against you, she is claiming you as her own. Just like dogs, cats use scent to communicate. They have glands in their foreheads that can secrete scents, which are called as “pheromones”. When cats apply their own pheromones to an object or a person, they are using the scent to mark that object or person.

Squeezing Into Tight Spaces


If I fit, I sit! Your feline friend don’t just like tight spaces, she loves them! According to PetPlace, cats feel comfortable and protected in smaller, defined places. Although cats are predators and love to hunt small animals, Dr. Karen van Haaften says that cats hide as a way to protect themselves and feel snug when they are out of sight. They have a natural need for protection and warmth.

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Bring You “Presents”


Have you ever wondered why your cat brings you a dead mouse? Hunting comes naturally to cats. They are prey driven. According to animal behaviour expert Michael W.Fox, bringing dead animals to you is just a natural behaviour in cats.  However, some cat owners believe that cats love to share their trophy kills, be it a lizard, mouse or snake with their favourite humans.

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Eating Non-Food Things


Does your cat eat plastic or strange things? It might be Pica! Your foodie cat may love eating paper, rubber band or wool. If she sucks, licks or consumes non-food things, she could be suffering from Pica. Pica is the voluntary ingestion of non-food items. Common target objects for feline pica include electrical cords, phone cords, plants, plastic, fabric, wool, string or yarn. Cats with a mild case may not consume non-food thing, but lick, chew or suck on said inedible object.

According to PetMD, the causes of cat pica include:

1.Dietary deficiencies: According to a veterinary internist and feline specialist, Arnold Plotnick, some cats will eat their cat litter if they are anemic. Meanwhile, eating a lot of plant matetial may indicate something is missing from the cat’s diet.

2.Medical problems: Cat pica is associated with feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia. It may be triggered by health issues such as brain tumor or diabetes.

3.Genetic predisposition: Pica is seen more frequently in some breeds such as Siamese and Birman cats, according to a certified applied animal behaviourist, Alice Moon-Fanelli.

4.Environmental factors: Cats may consume non-food things when they are bored or want to seek attention.

5.Compulsive disorder:  Pica may be a compulsive disorder.



Why is my cat winking at me? A wink means love! It’s a “Eye Love You” kitty kiss! According to CatHealth, most cat behaviour experts agree that a cat’s slow eye blink means she is relaxed, content and happy. If your cat winks at you, it means she wants to communicate relaxation and love to you.

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Rubbing Their Faces On Things


According to PetMD, felines rub their faces on things for few reasons. Cats rely heavily on their sense of smell to give them information about their information. Your cat may mark you with her scent in a show of affiliation. When meeting someone new, she may rub up against the person in greeting and as a way to get information about that person.



Kneading is the motion felines make by rhythmically alternating their paws, pushing in and out against a soft object. It’s a common behaviour for kittens and adult cats. According to Animal Planet, a cat begins kneading as a tiny kitten. Placing her paws around her mom’s nipples, she quickly learns that the pressure stimulates the flow of milk. Although kneading other objects never bring forth a squirt of milk, the memory of that tasty reward stays with her. She naturally transfers this behaviour to other soft things or places inthe hope of more good things to come.

Territorial marking is another reason why your cat kneads. Felines have scent glands located in the pads of their feet. Since each cat produces its own scent, so the scent can serve as a marker to show what a cat wishes to claim for her own or where she has been.

Transforming Into A Cat Loaf


Did you know why your cat likes lounging in the “bread loaf” position? According to a cat researcher, Mikel Delgado, a feline who is lying with her paws tucked underneath her body is considered relaxed. You may find your feline friend transforming into a cat loaf in a box or a comfy sofa.

Shake Their Booty Before Pouncing


Why do cats shake their butts when they are stalking prey? The pre-pounce butt wiggle is surely entertaining, but it also helps the cat’s sprint. According to PetMD, cats might be wiggling to test the strength of the ground before they leap. When a cat pounds, she needs to propel herself using both hind limbs for full takeoff. Shaking her rear helps her get her balance, getting equal ground on all feets, giving her an edge on her sprint.

Sitting On Your Computer


Felines love keyboards! Your cat probably thinks keyboards make great couches. According to , cats love warmth. Some owners believe that cats like keyboards because they are physically warm. Another reason why cats love to sit on computers is because they want to seek attention. Cats love to have their paws into everything. Your cat may feel a natural interest in things that you are interested in.

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