/Why Do Cats Cover Their Faces When Sleeping

Why Do Cats Cover Their Faces When Sleeping

Have you ever noticed your cat cover her face when sleeping? This must be the cutest position a cat could rest in! We all know that cats are amazing sleepers and they sleep in the oddest position at time. They would be gold medalists if sleeping was an Olympic sport. They can sleep in any position imaginable and appear to be purrfectly comfortable in any shape or form! Let’s find out why your cat buries her face when sleeping.

Reasons Why Your Cat Covers Her Face When Sleeping


1.Blocks out the light

Cats love toasty, cozy places. Although they may love to enjoy a warm sunbeam, it seems that many cats prefer blackout curtains just like humans do. They will use their paws to block out the sun and protect their sensitive eyes from the painfully bright sun rays.


Felines are very protective when it comes to their safety. You cat may feel a sense of security when she is sleeping with her paws covering her face. The sleeping position gives her a sense of safety and security, knowing that she is safe and protected from attack by predators.


Felines have a variety of sleeping positions that are comfortable for them. Your feline friend definitely has a preferred sleeping position, and she’s not afraid for you to know it. She uses her paws to cover her face just because that happens to be the most comfortable position for her.