/Share And Inspire: Get Your Story Featured On PerroStory

Share And Inspire: Get Your Story Featured On PerroStory

We believe the power of stories and we know you have a story that will inspire. Your story can be big or small, we’d love to hear anything pet-related from you!

PerroPet is Singapore and Malaysia’s leading pet-related website, featuring educational articles and inspiring, heartwarming stories. We celebrate all things doggy and kitty with the latest on local news, pet events, pet products, entertainment and more.

We love to hear more from our readers – that’s why we are starting a new section on our website, PerroStory that will feature input from you! Your voice, your experience or your unconditional love for pets will inspire someone else along their journey – so we invite you to share your story!

In PerroStory, you will also find awesome, interesting, funny, cute and heartwarming pet stories submitted by our readers. And of course, you can contribute your own pet stories! We are sure our readers will simply love it.

How To Submit

Have you got a funny pet story to share? Maybe you also have a wonderful animal rescue story or a sad moment when you lost your precious furry friend. We would love to read your stories and hear more from you! We don’t have formal criteria for selecting contents, but in general, are looking for pet-related stories that are inspiring, heartwarming, interesting and funny. You can share anything about your pooch or kitty-cat that people would love to read.

Most importantly, we would love to credit everyone! PerroStory is a great platform to share your experience, knowledge and story – don’t be shy! Your pawsome stories never stop inspiring us! We will gladly give credits!

To submit your story, please fill out the following form:

Alternatively, you can submit your story via email.

We are honoured that you are interested in being a part of our online community!

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