/PerroFeature: The Colourful World Of Poodles

PerroFeature: The Colourful World Of Poodles

We met because of the Poodles.

Ever wondered how to socialize your Poodle and get support from like-minded people? You can join this furtastic Poodle-only community group!

On 14 June, 2015, The Colourful World Of Poodles was founded by two dedicated Poodle lovers, Irene Chiong and Jack Tang. This community group has more than 23,500 members and has brought together Poodle lovers all over the world, with a shared dedication to the breed.

“Irene and I share the same passion for Poodles, and this is why we have became best friends and how we started The Colourful World Of Poodles,” said Jack Tang.

Co-founder of The Colourful World Of Poodles, Jack Tang.

Dogs can unite people. This community group is a social space for Poodles owners and lovers to share their love for the breed and anything Poodle-related. Regardless of nation, all dog lovers are welcome to join this big family.

“Besides offering a social platform for Poodle owners and lovers, we want to provide opportunities to meet and connect with others as well. That’s why we have Poodle meetups,” said Jack.

On 16 September, 2017, The Colourful World Of Poodles had its first and biggest dog gathering at Zoomanji Cafe which is located in Johor Bahru, and attracted more than 70 Poodle owners joining the paw-ty.

“We were surprised by the overwhelming response from our members. We had closed the registration in just 2 days after opening as we reached the maximum capacity,” said Irene Chiong, the co-founder of The Colourful World Of Poodles.

Co-founder of The Colourful World Of Poodles, Irene Chiong.

Not only for the dogs, the Poodle get-together is a social gathering for dog owners as well. Friendships can be developed through a shared love of the breed.

Overwhelming response confirms the success of Poodle-only gathering. The same year, the dedicated team organized another Christmas-themed paw-ty at JDog House, and not surprisingly,  received well response from Penang Poodle owners.

“We try to organize gatherings in different states and nations if possible. We are planning to travel to Taiwan and meet our Taiwanese members in June,” Irene told PerroPet.

How dogs can bring people together will truly warm your heart. Let’s join this pawsome family and celebrate your passion for Poodles all year long! Big or small, we love them all!







Founded: 2015.6.14

Founders: Irene Chiong, Jack Tang

Group Admins: Irene Chiong, Jack Tang, Kiyoko Wng Xlln, Mandy Mandy, Michelle Chan

Facebook Group: 貴賓彩色世界 The colourful world of poodles