/Is Your Cat Unhappy Or Depressed

Is Your Cat Unhappy Or Depressed

Depression isn’t just for humans – your cat can become sad and even depressed as well!

Signs Of A Sad Or Depressed Cat


Your feline friend depends solely on you for her physical and emotional care, thus it’s important to learn how to spot the signs of a depressed or sad cat.

1.Cat body language

Although cats are exceptional at hiding pains and sickness from us, their body language can clue us in on their emotions and health conditions. Hair standing on the end, tail tucked, ears held back are signs that your cat may be sad, depressed, stressed or not comfortable.

Credit: Lili Chin (https://www.flickr.com/photos/lilita/)


Is your cat crying constantly even when the bowl still has some food in it? If so, she might actually be seeking attention from you! Although cats are well-known for being aloof, sometimes what they really want is human companionship. Besides food, personal space and beauty sleeps, felines also crave human love and companionship. Instead of feeding, try playing with your feline friend or petting her as she needs time from you to stay content!

Meanwhile, pay attention to these unhappy voices as well: low-pitched, mournful yowls. According to The Spruce, sad cats can purr more as a way to comfort themselves – purrs don’t always represent happiness.

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3.Energy levels

We all know that cats are amazing sleepers. According to Catster, our feline friends can sleep as much as 16 hours a day. However, if a cat sleeps more than usual, he might be ill or depressed. Depression is one of the possible causes of lethargy – a lack of energy and enthusiasm, and lethargy signs may include drowsiness, inactivity and loss of interest in activities that a cat would usually enjoy.

4.Daily routine

Does your feline friend seem less interested in her daily meals? Has she stopped grooming herself or using her litter box properly? If so, your cat may be unhappy about something. Sad cats may loss interest in their favourite foods. They may urinate in inappropriate places or start scratching objects more to make themselves feel better.


Aggressive behaviour is another indicator that your cat is unhappy or depressed. If your cat is usually the affectionate type but acting out with aggression recently, then she may be sad.

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All of these signs could indicate that your feline friend is depressed or has a health issue, so it’s important to bring her to the vet for a thorough checkup. Note that felines are creatures of habits who thrive on routine and feline depression can be triggered by anything from a change in cat litter or furniture to a death in the household. Talk it over with your veterinarian and make an effort to help your cat feel loved.

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