/Achilles The Cat Is The Official Predictor Of FIFA World Cup 2018

Achilles The Cat Is The Official Predictor Of FIFA World Cup 2018

Do you remember Paul the Octopus who was used as a predictor during South Africa’s 2010 World Cup? There’s a new furry predictor for this year’s World Cup in Russia!

This year, the psychic’s job has gone to a deaf cat who lives in St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum. Achilles the Cat was chosen because he is special and beautiful, according to his caretaker, Anna Kasatkina.  Achilles’s supporters believe his disability gives him the supernatural power to predict the results of the Russia World Cup – he sees with his heart and his deafness prevent him from any bias!

Since Achilles has been put in charge of guessing the winners of matches scheduled in St. Petersburg, the museum will have to say goodbye to its mice hunter for the duration of FIFA World Cup 2018.

Achilles is expected to live at a nearby cat cafe, where he will be able to greet more guests, according to Buzz Sports.

Source: Cape Town Etc

The clairvoyant cat will charm everyone with his blue eyes, snow-white fur and a little Meow. He is the successor of Paul, who correctly picked the winners of 2010 World Cup. Paul the Octopus took the world by storm with his mysterious power – he accurately predicted the outcomes of all matches that Germany participated in. He would crawl atop boxes containing food and each box in the tank had the flags of the competing countries printed on them.

Achilles, the new psychic World Cup predictor will have the same MO as Germany’s oracle octopus in predicting the winners: he will be choosing from two bowls of food that will have the national flags of the teams playing against one another.

He has been hard at work as of late to prepare for the world’s biggest football game. He’s been “training to shed weight and get more fit” over the past year, according to TASS.

So far, this white furball has a good track record. He predicted three out of four matches correctly during the 2017 Confederations Cup. During 2018 World Cup, he picked Russia over Saudi Arabia in the opening match – and he guessed correctly!

The World Cup will be played until the final on 15 July, with a total of 64 matches set to be played at 12 stadiums across 11 Russian cities. As well as the opening match, Achilles will make predictions for all matches played in St. Petersburg.